April 17, 2018

Sheath with flair Classic Sheath

Concluding what you will find in stores for the Spring 2018 “What’s Hot” list, is that wonderful, versatile shift dress.  This simple dress, molding to your body by use of darts and seams is one of the most all-around practical items to grace your closet.  Most any body type can wear a shift.  The key is to have it tailored Go everywhere sheathperfectly for your body so there are no unwanted pull lines.  Have it tailored to enhance your favorite figure assets and camouflage those that are not. This dress can be worn to the office, out to dinner, meeting friends for a drink, or off to the theatre.  You can add different jewelry and/or change shoes to dress it up or down.  Add a jacket and it suddenly becomes a suit.
Feminine. romantic
If you have a triangle shape where your hips are a bit wider, choose a sheath with a flaired skirt.  Try something fun with a kicky little flair at the very bottom.  Your arms aren’t your best feature?  Sleeves are the answer.  Better to choose a sheath with a higher neckline to avoid limiting it to an evening occasion.  Choose the right necklace or a scarf for a great accent.
Check out belts, pendants and embroidery to complete the look.  This is a great season to find garments that will be practical and wearable for most everyone.  Have a blast!

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