Fall 2007 Trends

Lace – Like satin, lace is taking a prominent role in new trends for fall.   Although the variety ranges from delicate to bold to racy, I still consider lace inappropriate for daytime wear unless it used as an accent.   Likewise, the lace shoes (I have seen a range from ballerina flats to lace boots with 4” heels) have no place in most daytime settings.   For daytime or business, a delicate lace trim on a blouse or a lace camisole under a suit adds a subtle note of femininity.   Choose a lace that works with your bone structure, texture and personality.  If you have larger bone structure, a strong personality or curly hair (which adds texture), choose a stronger lace with obvious 3-dimenstional qualities.  Conversely,  if you are soft, feminine, or have delicate bone structure, a delicate lace will work better for you.   This year offers a wide selection for you to find the perfect lace for you.


Sleek Shapes – Oversized and sloppy is out.  Sleek, elongated is the big news.   Jackets and skirts are longer, hugging the body.  While many designers are showing a defined waist, there are still many styles to choose from that skim past the waist for those who are not an hour- glass figure.  There are lots of wide-legged trousers available – a great choice for the hour-glass and triangle (wide hips) figures.
These slacks need to just clear the ground so be sure to have them hemmed with the shoes you will be wearing.   A quick tip for handling the heel height – have two pair of your most worn slacks (black for example) and have one hemmed for flats and one for heels.    Monochromatic dressing lengthens the body as well – including opaque hose matching the skirt and shoes.

Romantic blouses – This season offers a wide range of tops incorporating ruffles, lace, rushing and you’re not limited to white.  There is a blouse in this mix for everyone and every occasion – even the most conservative business setting.   Just follow the parameters for lace to choose the right amount of ruffle or frill for your style and the setting.


Statement Jewelry – Whether real or faux, big jewelry rounds out the seven fall fashion trends.  This is the season to pull out all the jewelry you have had stashed away and show it off!  A well-chosen jewelry accent can make the most mundane outfit stunning.  Think monochromatic with  a statement piece of jewelry.  One caution note:  the scale of the jewelry needs to match your facial and body scale.   A petite person will be overpowered by large scale jewelry.


That wraps up the top 7.  Direct any comments to my  e-mail address.  Look forward to hearing from you.