The Print Conundrum


Prints have been popular for the last two seasons and, from the spring collections I have seen, will continue through the spring.  Not all prints are created equal and it takes some real discernment to choose a print that work for you.

Lets look at scale.  This is the size of the print pattern and how it relates to your face.  If you have small, delicate features, you will need a print in a small, delicate pattern, which reflects your facial characteristics.

Match the print to your personality.  If you have a personality that says, “Hey, I’m here!” you can wear a bold print.  However, if you are sweet and demure, you might choose a sweet, soft floral design in keeping with your facial scale.

Your natural coloring is the next thing to consider.  If you have light skin and dark hair, it is best to wear a light print.  Then you will want to use a dark accent such as belt and shoes.   Without the dark accent, the print will become dominant and your head will look like an afterthought.   Conversely, if you have light skin and hair and want to wear a dark print, you will want to accent with something light, similar to your hair color.  The print should also be in a lightweight fabric.

Bold, bright, geometric prints will be great worn by a large boned person with strong, larger scaled facial features and a strong voice.  A delicate baby doll type will be overpowered by such a print.   Be sure your accessories compliment the look as well.   More delicate shoes (slim heel or ballerinas – no heavy high vamped shoes here!) and small-scaled bag will compliment a delicate, feminine print.  An ethnic or theme outfit (western wear, gypsy, etc.) should be accessorized in the same theme otherwise; all of your effort to create a unique look will result in a visual war instead of compliments.

The “blink” test is a good way to evaluate whether a print is right for you or not.  Hold the print up to your chin and stand 7-10 feet from the mirror.  Close your eyes and take a deep breath.  Open your eyes and if the first thing you see is the print, it is probably too dominate for you.  The print should compliment and support your bone structure, facial features and coloring.   When you know your  “Signature Style” you will always be individual and totally “you”!

And finally, when selecting a print, be sure it reflects the best part of your personality and does   not accentuate a negative.  For example, a print showing firecrackers popping all over it won’t be good if you are known for your hot temper!