What fragrance are you wearing?

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Susan at workDo you have a favorite fragrance? I know people who are the first to purchase the latest fragrance that either their favorite celebrity or designer introduces. Then the other end of the spectrum is the person who never wears a fragrance. Somewhere in the middle is that person who has a favorite fragrance and it becomes her “signature”. I fall somewhere closer to the “signature” fragrance than either extreme. What has been frustrating over the years is finding a fragrance that works for ME. Fragrances are so individualized so one perfume will be lovely on one person and terrible on another.
We have a unique opportunity here in Atlanta to work with Master Blending Artist, Susan Sexton to fabricate your own custom perfume. Susan has studied in Grasse, France with Galimard, the oldest parfumerie in France. When you work with Susan, your personal fragrance will be formulated from one of the fourteen families of perfume. The perfumer’s desk, the Organ, houses 132 trade-secret scents/essences. Clients begin to blend base notes, then heart notes, then top notes. “The essences used to blend top notes last for approximately one hour; a couple of hours later, the heart notes dissipate, leaving only the fragrance of the base notes – the fixatives,” says Susan.
I had the pleasure of working with Susan to create my own fragrance. Not only was it a delightful experience, I loved my unique fragrance and, even better, my husband loved it. To get your personal fragrance, you don’t have to head to France and, by appointment, visit the Galimard parfumerie. Susan at BLEND will welcome you and help you celebrate your birthday, other special occasion or just treat yourself. Susan also does bridesmaid parties or works individually with both brides and grooms.
You can contact Susan at 404.202.5503 or email her at info@blendcustomparfum.com. Blend is located at 2971 North Fulton Drive, Atlanta, GA 30305. She works by appointment so please contact her rather than just dropping in.

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Colors are your tool to who you are.

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This is a quote from Denise, our teacher in a color theory workshop I took this last weekend. My purpose in taking the class was to delve deeper into understanding color and how I might use this knowledge to better work with my clients. Denise, an artist herself, not only guided us into exploring mixing of colors for different effects but also demonstrated with works of art by famous painters. I was struck by the connection between an artist expressing himself on canvas and how we are a living canvas on which we paint who we are.

Each artist has a distinct, recognizable style, brought to life through the chosen color palette. Transferring this concept to people, we each have an individual shape, proportion, scale, and texture but how we “paint” that canvas depends upon the colors that we use. These elements work in concert to “paint” our individual masterpiece. Think of the difference between Monet and Gauguin. Monet used a lighter palette and more delicate lines while Gauguin used strong, earth tones and bold images. Often painters evidenced changes during their lifetimes as they matured and events shaped their lives.

People will use different colors at different points in their lives. Recently a lady in one of my workshops commented that she found her wardrobe at present was dominantly comprised of black although she had worn more colors before. This was not surprising, as she had recently gone through a divorce. It takes emotional energy to wear colors, thus, a serious emotional event will often drain all of that energy. Retreating to a safe neutral is nature’s way of conserving that emotional energy, allowing us to deal with the crisis at hand. This is no doubt where wearing black after losing a loved one originated.

A lady from New Orleans came to me for a color consultation about two years after Hurricane Katrina, in which she sustained great loss and had endured over a year in restoring her home. She found that her colors did not work right after the event so had her colors done by Carla Mathis (the woman with whom I studied). When she saw me, it was two years further into regaining equilibrium in her life. The palette that I did for her contained colors with more intensity than those done right after the disaster. She was healing; regaining her natural vibrancy.

Some people just naturally need a more neutral palette. I have a friend who wears neutrals almost exclusively and her home is beautifully done in neutrals. She is well read, intelligent and gracious to be around. Her gentle nature puts everyone at ease and is a pleasure to spend time with her. Her coloring could certainly support deep reds, blues and violets but that would not paint her canvas as who she is. On the other hand, I have another friend who loves yellow. She often wears yellow, orange or gold tones and always has yellow somewhere in her home. As you might imagine, she has a vivacious, outgoing personality and spending time with her is animated and dynamic. She paints her canvas to project who she is. It is a joy to spend time with each of these ladies but they are very different and know how to project themselves as who they truly are.

Who does your canvas say you are? Does it truly depict your inner being? Understanding who you really are, deep down, and choosing the colors that tell the world who that is will place you there with the masters: Gauguin, Renoir, Monet or you fill in the blank.

Call or email to ask about our complementary 30 minute consultation.
Beryl@StyleWithAplomb.com or 404.467.0288

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Second Time Around

Cyndi and SteveMy daughter, Cyndi, got married this weekend and we are still basking in the afterglow.  It was a second marriage for both of them and had a perfect balance between the solemn tradition of a marriage ceremony and much less formal, “let’s have a great party” atmosphere.  I can say that because she planned it all.  I got calls on organizational details and protocol but it was all hers concept.

The ceremony was held at bi-centennial mall, which has a beautiful marble patio surrounded with bell towers.  She organized the seating so it was looking directly at the capital.  Since it was at 4:30 in the afternoon, the sun was still quite hot so she had white umbrellas handed out to each guest.  Her next- door neighbor travels the world with his trumpet, but came back into town just to be there to play “Here Comes the Bride.” The ceremony, complete with “ring-bear”, was personalized for them and family members read favorite scriptures as a bonding of families.  She served the cake and champagne at the park after the ceremony; a tres leche cake with strawberry filling.  It was absolutely delicious with only a part of one layer remaining after many guests had returned for seconds.

Cyndi, Steve and Ring Bear

Cyndi, Steve and Ring Bear

Cyndi and Steve

Cyndi and Steve

The reception was held in a grassy, playground area in back of her condominium.   Everyone had time to change into more casual clothes for this picnic setting.   The caterer served tacos with appropriate accompaniments, augmented by Mexican coleslaw and salsa prepared by able family members.  As it grew dark, tiki torches, provided lighting and a ready way to light sparklers which everyone seemed to fine delightful.  While the band played, people were all around either dancing or socializing and children enjoyed the playground equipment and hula-hoops Cyndi had provided.

Of course, all of the condominium residents were invited and Cyndi says she has had so many neighbors tell her it was the best party ever.  To economize, she had very little catering help so both the groom’s family and ours pitched in to move and set up tables, prepare food, run errands, etc.  It was a great way to build family bonds between two families who have never met from opposite coasts.

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