Your Style – Love It or Hate It?

Your style – love it or hate it?

Posted on November 11, 2010 by admin

Like a striking work of art, each woman possesses a unique beauty; the way she looks, how she talks and moves and the things she enjoys. Little girls take great pleasure in admiring themselves in the mirror; whether wearing a new dress or dressed up in her mother’s clothing. Sadly, by the time they become teenagers, they have started comparing themselves with others and lose the magic of appreciating their own personal beauty.

One need only look celebrities to see this phenomenon in action. If you do not remember Cher early in her career, you have no doubt seen replays of the Sonny and Cher show or have seen photos of this famous star. She is a classic example of what I am talking about. Cher has a skeletal body that could carry off the most difficult to wear gowns with aplomb. The unique beauty of her angular face with those high cheekbones was extraordinary. She was easily recognizable by everyone. Obviously she did not find satisfaction in her unusual beauty and has undergone multiple surgeries to change her look. Her talent is great enough to carry her through these visual transitions but the scalpel has diminished her original, natural beauty.

Cate Blanchett is an example of a celebrity who seems comfortable with her own beauty. Although I am no authority on her personal life, I have never read that she has undergone plastic surgery to change her appearance. An incredibly talented actress, she seems to have balance in her work, husband and children without feeling the need to be like someone else. Cate has a good sense of personal style. Whether being photographed in glamorous evening gowns or casual attire, Cate projects a beautiful, confident woman comfortable with her natural beauty.

In which category do you fall? Do you tend to wish you were like someone else and focus on those thing you don’t like about yourself? Or, have you chosen to appreciate your own unique image and choose styles that show off that image to its best advantage?

If you even have a bit of wistfulness that something about your unique design be different, I encourage you to change your focus. Stop focusing on those attributes that you would like to change. Start looking for everything that you like. Do you have sparkly eyes or are they a beautiful color? Maybe you have phenomenal hair. What about your coloring? Maybe you have beautiful, delicate hands or perhaps, a strong, athletic body. Take time to discover all of the beauty that you possess and begin focusing on each aspect. Then begin choosing the color palette and styles that will best accentuate that beauty. You will amaze yourself as the compliments begin rolling in!

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Fashion Schizophrenia

Posted on November 2, 2010 by admin

Saturday’s Wall Street Journal devoted three pages to fashion – two featured the new dressed-down formal evening wear for women and a separate article was on the return of the elegant gentleman.

The gentleman article advised us that business casual is being replaced by the return of the three-piece suit. I applaud replacing business casual with a three-piece suit. Neither companies nor employees have understood what constitutes business casual, thus the trend has served both poorly. The article pictured a formal pinstripe that was reminiscent of the 1930 dandies like Clark Gable and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. There was one less formal suit and another much younger look – still a three-piece suit but with coordinating pieces; each is a slightly different pattern of gray, pushed up sleeves and a striped shirt. The 20-something model looked appropriately attired for an ad agency. I did, however, think the all-over gingham plaid three-piece suit looked more like a Halloween costume.

Now comes the schizophrenia. What was shown for women’s formal wear was really confusing. One short, silver sequined evening dress was topped with a black leather motorcycle jacket and short black leather boots. Then there was the long velvet skirt topped with an oversized fisherman’s knit sweater. One short lame’ wrap shirtdress was worn over a button-down blue dress shirt, with black tights and heavy black shoes. Numerous similar examples were pictured, each one worn by a model whose hair looked more like they were cleaning house than going to a formal party.

So why the disconnect between trends for women and those of men? Traditionally, more women enjoy dressing up than men. Each spring at prom time, watching the young girls all dressed up in their long gowns and corsages brings back memories of when I was that age. There was such excitement about the opportunity to wear an evening dress and feeling so elegant. What has happened to women that they would prefer to look like they had shopped at the Good Will and just couldn’t find anything that matched?

Color me old fashioned but I still like to see compatible fabrics and styles used together. There is nothing complementary between a silk chiffon evening dress and a black leather motorcycle jacket. Neither is a heavy fisherman’s knit sweater and a silk skirt or velvet trousers. And how can bulky black utility boot ever be considered formal eveningwear? I hope this is just another desperate effort on the part of designers trying to dish up something different in an effort to inspire clients to buy. And I hope the trend passes quickly!

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