Do You Have Clothes that You Never Wear?

Posted on April 28, 2011 by admin

How many of your clothes do you really wear? I just read an interesting statistic: The average person only wears 10% of the clothes in their closet.

Now that is a shocking statistic. However, when I think of he many closet edits that I have done, 10% might be high. So, how can you have a closet full of clothes and only wear one tenth of them? I think it is a variety of reasons.

Default: There is always that “go to” outfit one defaults to in a hurry. You start to get ready for work or an event and discovered what you were planning to wear has a spot or needs repair. Or, this outfit might be the easy solution when you haven’t taken time to plan what to wear.

Size: Maybe you are one of those people with various sizes in your closet. There is always that favorite outfit that “I just need to lose 10 pounds”. Sometimes it’s hard to realize it has really been five years since you have worn some of those clothes. Maybe it is time to donate those to a charity and reward yourself with a shopping expedition to celebrate, once those pounds are history.

It was on sale! You go shopping and a spot a top designer label on sale for an amazing price. The temptation is simply too great so you buy it. The problem is that you have nothing to go with it or it really doesn’t work for you. Thus it hangs, unworn, in your closet with the tags still on. A few years ago, my daughter found a jacket at a resale shop by a famous designer. She carried this in her car for at least two years searching for the right thing to wear with it. I don’t believe she was ever successful but she probably got her money’s worth by the fun she had searching.

Fit: If something doesn’t fit right, it is not comfortable and you don’t look your best. Rather than letting that item hang in the closet, take it to a good tailor. Unless you are one of the few who can wear a garment off the rack, factor the cost of alteration into your budget for new purchases.

Wrong pattern or color: You found something that looked fantastic in the store but when you got it home, the color or pattern just never feel right so you never wear it.

If even 50% of the clothes in your closet hang there unworn, isn’t it time to assess the reason why? If you spend even $50 to $100 a month on clothes, that is $300 to $600 that has been “thrown away” so to speak each year. I encourage each of you to spend a little time determining why these clothes are not worn and how to have a closet in which you can wear everything and know you always look fabulous. 

Need some guidance in how to choose what will look great?  Contact us for details. or call 404-467-0288 office or 404-428-2527 mobile.

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Barrettes for Grownups

osted on April 21, 2011 by admin

Barrettes are no longer just for children. They were the toast of accessories for the spring runway shows. Chanel, Carolina Herrera and Rodarte were just a few of the designers using barrettes as hair accents.


Art Nouveau
The use of utilitarian plastic clips has been a source of irritation for many years. They are fine for restraining hair when one is cleaning house or jogging or going camping but, in my mind, have no place being worn for business or social occasions. I see ladies dressed beautifully and ruining the look by adding one of those ugly plastic clips.

I recently saw a lady wearing a beautiful designer suit, expensive jewelry and accessories only to have added a small plastic clip to control a wayward curl. How much better it would have been if she had taken a few minutes to tame the curl! That one little clip detracted from the elegance of what was otherwise a beautifully executed look.


Jewel Sophistication
Last Friday night, at the Decorators’ Show House opening soiree, where I was serving as a docent, I noticed one young woman, wearing a elegant long silk dress. It was perfectly accessorized but she had a bobby pin holding her long hair back from falling in her face. What a shame that one little careless touch diminished a beautiful style.


Tortoise Shell Barrette
Last Sunday, I noted a young woman at church wearing a silk blouse and pencil skirt with heels and Chanel handbag. She had her blonde hair pulled back, twisted and held up off her neck with a tortoise shell barrette. The look was casual yet sophisticated. The barrette was the perfect choice to serve a utilitarian purpose and still look finished.

I am so happy to see the resurgence of barrettes so that women have a stylish choice in ways to control their hair. If your hairstyle needs occasional restraint, check out the many options of grown up barrettes.

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PS This year’s Decorators’ Show House is really spectacular! I encourage you all to go visit. All proceeds go to the Symphony. It is open through Mother’s Day.

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A Professional Opinion


Posted on April 13, 2011 by admin

Ask Teri

Teri Agins, a fashion reporter, has a weekly column in the Wall Street Journal in which she answers readers’ questions. I thought this recent answer was excellent so am sharing it with you.

Question: My mother’s friends – women in their late 50s – are always asking me what’s “in”. They ask things like “Short or long hems?” I want to politely explan that that’s not the way things work anymore.

Answer: “Individual style” and “timeless” are now fashion mantras. But your mom’s generation came of date in a time where fashion’s “in” and “out” rules were still largely in force. Tell your mom’s friends that the silhouettes, colors and necklines that look best on them should be the anchors to their wardrobes. They can always add trendy accessories.

Of course, there are some fashion “outs” everybody can agree on – usually, the most extreme styles of an era: exaggerated shoulder pads, oversized pants on men, Farrah Fawcett flips.

Yet some vintage styles are never out, like my gold distressed leather zip-front vest by Donna Karen from 1988. Whenever I wear it – tarted up with skinny jeans and high heels – fashion sharpshooters quickly identify it, marveling at how the cracked leather looks better with age. The same goes for my 1990’s peplum jackets from Thierry Mugler. Such signature pieces provide a fillip to your look, so hang onto them forever.

I loved the answer. This is what image consulting is all about. We guide the client to choose those styles and colors that best complement you: your body shape, proportion, scale and texture as well as bring out your “signature style”. Two ladies may have very similar coloring and body shapes but might wear quite different things, depending on their personality.

You can buy a few classic pieces that are perfect for you and add accent pieces to create different looks. Bring in a few of the season’s trends and you are totally up-to-date without spending a fortune and always presenting yourself at your best.

Can use some professional direction? Call us at 404-467-0288 or We can help with a closet audit, consultation or combination of what works best with your needs.

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An Adventure in Discount Shopping

Posted on April 7, 2011 by admin

After just a few beautiful spring days I was in the mood to bring on summer clothes. The beauty of flowering plum, cherry and pear trees and dogwoods, tulips and forsythia, camellias and azaleas have an irresistible draw to lighter, brighter colors.

Since I needed new casual clothes, I embarked on an expedition to explore discount stores and see what I could find.

Discover Mills was my first venture. If you are not familiar with it, Discover Mills is located in Lawrenceville just off the Sugarloaf Parkway exit. There are many stores there including Off Saks and Neiman’s Last Call. I only had time to explore Saks and Neiman’s and was pleased to find a couple of things. As with most of us, I have a great challenge finding pants that fit. I did find a fun pair of cotton Z Spoke pants (this is Zac Posen’s more affordable line). They fit me needing only some minor alterations that I could do myself. I also found a Tahari top that looked like it had been designed to go with the pants and an Ellen Tracy top in white with some fun beading at the neck. I had signed up for Saks special email promotions so with my discount coupon; the entire purchase was about 25% of the original price.

Some observations that you might find helpful: The advantage of shopping at these two outlet stores is that you are choosing from regular merchandise transferred from their stores. Of course, the disadvantage is that the merchandise has been picked over. Since many popular brands manufacture special merchandise for most outlet stores, you are not necessarily buying the same quality that you would find in their regular line. However, if you enjoy a treasure hunt, this is the way to do it. One other quick point; I think Zac Posen is a very talented young designer but having tried his clothes in the past, I find that his sizes are totally inconsistent. Trying on is a must.

My next discount adventure was at Filene’s Basement. The original Filene’s Basement in Boston is a phenomenal place to shop. The original store, which is two or three basement levels, has discounted designer clothing for men and women, which is marked down an additional 25% every week until it is sold or donated to charity. I have only shopped there one time when I found a fantastic Max Mara pantsuit that fit perfectly. My husband found a suit, three pair of slacks and sport jacket all for less than the suit would have cost at full price. Our Filene’s is patterned more after a discount store. They do have some designer items but many of the racks of clothing are well known names specially manufactured for a discount market. It doesn’t mean that it is bad; it just doesn’t have quite the high quality standards of their regular, more expensive lines. In any event, I did find a cute pair of casual walking shorts that fit. Finding another pair in a different color, I grabbed it from the rack. When I got home and tried the other pair, I discovered there was over an inch difference at the waist and over two inches at the hips, thus I had to return them. This confirms my point that items produced for a discount store don’t have quite the same quality control as the first quality items.

Finally, to round out my discount adventure, I visited TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack in Buckhead. Between the two, I was able to add one more knit top and a pair of cropped, skinny jeans.

I rarely spend this much time shopping for myself and discount shopping takes time but can be a lot of fun. In total, I tried on about 30 pair of pants, finding three that worked. I added four summer tops, including a new, spring coral. My total expenditure was less than the jeans would have been at full price.

Atlanta offers many great resources to explore. I would caution you to choose only those things that fit and are a good style and color for you. Don’t let the deep discount seduce you into making an unwise choice. And did I mention? Try everything on!

Aplomb means confidence and it is our goal to guide each client to be confident that they look their very best. If your workplace could benefit from employees having a more confident appearance, call me to see if a Lunch “n” Learn or Workshop might be appropriate. or 404-467-0288.

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