Everyone Can Wear Jeans

Posted on July 28, 2011 by admin

Fashion has become much more casual and the blue jeans have become much more dressy. Thus, the two worlds meet and there is a pair of jeans for everyone.

It isn’t necessary for anyone to pay over $300 for a pair of jeans, although there are many brands out there in that price range. The Wall Street Journal just had a feature article showing the actual cost of manufacturing a pair of jeans. It is in the $50 range, which means you are paying a lot for the company’s advertising to convince you that you need the special bells and whistles that identifies the brand.

The challenge in finding “your” jeans is the fit. It usually takes a lot of trying on to find something that works so this is not for the faint of heart.

Rectangle: If hips and shoulders are balanced in width, you have little waist definition and are flat through the derriere, you are a rectangle. You need to search for pants that will not be huge through the hips and thighs. You will look great in jeans with the waist coming just under your natural waist. Since you will want to bypass the waist with a top, so it is not noticeable that you do not have much waist indentation, you can wear a blouse tucked in and give that illusion beautifully. Or, wear an over blouse, bypassing the waist. A rectangle has small hips so jeans with a slim-cut leg will be most flattering.

Triangle: This is the person with a larger derriere wider than their shoulder. There are several manufacturers that make jeans for this body shape. Any good salesperson can direct you. The best style will be a wider leg that falls directly from the hip to the floor. No narrow or skinny jeans for this body shape or you will look like an ice cream cone.

Inverted Triangle: This body shape has shoulders wider than their hips. Something to watch is that the rise is correct. Most inverted triangles have a very short rise causing many trousers not fit correctly. This body shape can wear skinny jeans or the more slender legs beautifully as they are slender through the hips and have slender legs. An excellent look is to tuck in an oversized, blousy top that exaggerates the top and is balanced by the tight-fitting jeans. Truly dramatic!

Oval: This is the body that is wider at the waist than through the shoulders and hips. The key will be to find trousers that really fit. You may need to have some alterations done. If you can wear jeans with slim legs, choose an oversized top that comes just below the hip and bypasses the waist. Make sure it is a 1/3 to 2/3 proportion; either 1/3 length in the top and 2/3 length in the pants or the reverse. It is a much more interesting proportion than half and half. You again have the balance of full with fitted.

Hour Glass: This is the body were shoulders and hips are balanced, the smaller waist sloping in from both hips and shoulders. This body can wear lower rise jeans, although, thank heavens; the really low-rise styles that expose way too much are no longer in vogue. The hour glass can also wear jeans with a higher rise. Because of the wider hips, a straight leg, dropping straight from the hip to the floor might be a better choice. Otherwise, a boot cut will be good. Be careful with slim cut jeans if you have fairly wide hips to avoid the “ice cream cone” effect.

Figure 8: This body is primarily defined by a high hipbone. The waist dips in directly above the hipbone. This body does not slope in from the hips so a jean cut narrower in the hips with a full rise will work best. Slimmer cut jeans can usually be worn, especially if you have long legs. Pockets work well for this body type. This body usually has a long rise so you will look best with a visual break in that area, such as an over blouse, pockets or yoke.

Jeans with a wider leg should end just short of the floor. This limits your choice of shoes. The slim-cut jeans can be rolled up at the ankle or worn straight and will work with any heel height as they end at the ankle.

Distressed jeans will always be casual and usually better for the young.
However, dark-washed can be dressed up or down. Dark-washed, perfectly fitting jeans, have enormous versatility. The blouse or jacket you add will determine how dressy or casual you want to be. Jeans are great for travel. They don’t wrinkle and you will look smart when you arrive. Pop on a smart, non-wrinkle top and a leather jacket and you will not only be comfortable on the flight, but you will arrive looking smart and ready to go.

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GQ Places Atlanta 17

Posted on July 21, 2011 by admin

I was shocked to hear that GQ had placed Atlanta in Seventeenth place on their worst-dressed city list. To quote their evaluation of our city, it is the “mecca for the promotional T-shirt” where “everyone is a CEO or founder of a record label or a clothing line you’d never heard of if it weren’t plastered in size 96 Helvetica font on their chest.”

I’m wondering where they were looking to make this evaluation. What did they use as their criteria in judging each city? Atlanta does dress more casually than they did when I moved here thirty years ago. That was before the advent of business casual. However, I have yet to see a promotional T-shirt of a record label or clothing line at any of the several business networking events I regularly attend. There are men and women in business attire and a few people in the software field, all of whom are dressed appropriately for their profession.

As I looked over the list, I discovered almost every larger city in the United States was listed. Boulder, Colorado took position forty, which I assume is the bottom of the list. Of course, Boulder would be on the worst-dressed list. The city is made of college students and faculty. The uniform for most all college students is cargo shorts and T-shirts while faculty may opt for torn jeans and T-shirts.

I do take exception to LA and Santa Fe ranking higher than Atlanta. I moved to Atlanta from LA and found a much more conservative, professional mode of dress here. LA is the poster child for funky far-out dressing. If the new brightly printed men’s pants are worn anywhere, it will be in LA. I can’t imagine them being worn in Atlanta even on the golf course. Then there is Santa Fe where cowboy boots and western attire reign. If Santa Fe was judged to be number sixteen, how come Nashville was number thirty-nine? Maybe Santa Fe wearers have more panache! After all, the locals do call it Sahnta Fe.

The only major city that I could think of not listed was Washington D.C. Of course. Everyone in Washington D.C. works for the government. They have either just been interviewed on television, are going to be interviewed or are hoping to be interviewed. It seems to me a key goal for politicians is to stand in front of a television camera flanked by a bevy of aids. Thus, one must always be prepared.

After giving considerable thought to this survey, I decided we had done very well. After all, we were only seventeenth out of forty. Houston, Dallas, San Diego and other fine cities trailed behind us. I may change my opinion if I start seeing promotional T-shirts with size 96 Helvetica font on the chest.

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Clutch that Clutch

Posted on July 14, 2011 by admin

I am so glad to see the resurgence of a clutch. Handbags have been oversized for a long time, often appearing more like a suitcase than a handbag. Of course, they are convenient in that you can throw everything in but the kitchen sink. On the other hand, it is often impossible to find lipstick or a nail file. You know it’s in there but you just can’t find it!

A clutch is an excellent choice to wear with a dress. Since dresses are an important fashion item this summer, the look can easily be overpowered by a large handbag.
A clutch can be slipped under your arm if you need both hands free or, as the name suggests, clutch it in one hand. The obvious disadvantage is that you don’t have the option of slinging the strap over your shoulder. A clutch can add a pop of color to that popular white dress or any other neutral. They pack well so are excellent for travel.

Nancy Gonzales, the Columbian-based handbag designer, revealed in a recent interview that she carries her large handbag to work but slips a clutch inside containing a mirror, lipstick, credit card and keys which she uses for luncheon meeting or daytime errands. This is also a great way to transition from the office to an evening event.

The clutch should never be overloaded to where it is bulging – carry only the essentials. Not only does this make the clutch look unattractive but also it is difficult to hold under your arm. Clutch size should be large enough to carry those items that you need including car keys. While dining, it can be slipped behind you against the back of the chair or placed on your lap under your napkin.

There are many choices that can transition from day to evening. Clutches with beading and glitter are best left for evening. Clutches with a boxy shape such as the straw one pictured, are not going to be so easily carried under your arm but can be adorable with jeans.

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Looking Fresh at Pool or Patio Parties

Posted on July 6, 2011 by admin

What to wear to pool and patio parties is always a puzzle. How do you look stylish yet stay fresh in our Georgia heat and humidity?

A simple short shift dress is a great answer. Choose a natural fiber such as linen, cotton or silk. Linen wrinkles more than the others but breathes the best. Ancient Egypt produced quantities of flax from which linen is made. Linen was the dominant fabric used in these hot, arid countries for very practical reasons.

Sleeveless or strapless are the best choice as they shows less perspiration. Light colors or prints are more forgiving with perspiration marks. The popular maxi dress can work well for a summer party if made from a natural fiber. Synthetic jersey fabrics do not breathe so will be hotter, especially when you add the extra length. These dresses are tricky as they cling to perspiration often clinging to the derriere and revealing waaay more than you intended to show! If you prefer to cover your arm, you can always wear a little shrug or short, lacy sweater that will offer camouflage for your arms while still being light and cool. Another option is to add a lightweight scarf that can be used as a shawl. This comes in handy if the party moves indoors to an air-conditioned area.

Keep jewelry to a minimum. Choose one striking piece like a fun necklace or dramatic earrings as the focal point. Earrings will probably the the better choice with a print. Keep your hair simple and cool. Long hair can be attractively pulled back or held up with a barrette. Humidity is not a friend of heavily sprayed hair.

Sandals are perfect for an outdoor party. They can be with or without heels. No flip-flops please. Of course you will want a fresh pedicure and use self-tanning lotion if you do not have a tan.

Keep makeup to a minimum with a light foundation and eye shadow, blush and mascara. Your skin cannot breathe with heavier foundation and perspiration spots will spoil the look.

Keeping it simple will afford you a great look and allow you to focus on enjoying the party!

All fashion images are from Nordstrom.

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