Prints, Prints, Prints

How do you choose the print that is best for you?  Do you ever feel you’re walking through minefield when faced with which print to choose?

Choosing a print that matches your personal style is one important factor.

Traditional or Classic style:  Think Diane Sawyer or Princess Grace.  This type should approach prints with caution.  You will look best in evenly spaced prints.  Polka dots can work or a simple pattern with enough background color to stabilize the look.  The example has lots of background between symmetrical flowers.  The hairstyle is well-chosen for a classic look.  I would add some understated small to medium sized earrings and possibly a simple bracelet or medium-sized watch.

Sporty:  This is the girl who might be walking through a grassy meadow with the wind blowing her hair.  Think Chris Evert Lloyd.   Natural flowers in a print with movement in the garment will work well.   Nothing exotic or dramatic for this style.  This example shows a dress with a flower that could occur in nature.  The “V” neckline gives the feeling of action.  A great look for a sporty type.  The sleeves and skirt are perfect for and active wearer.  This model’s hair looks well groomed in a natural way.  I might add a hoop earring .

Romantic:  Marilyn Monroe, of course.  This is the woman with a softer voice and sexy walk.  Her movements are fluid.   Prints want to support your ultra-feminine style.  This dress shows the feminine shape of a romantic with a skirt designed to accentuates movement in a sexy walk.  This print says feminine.  I would do the hair with soft curls add pearls and some drop earrings.

Elegant:  Who would be a better example than Nicole Kidman?   Many prints will not work with an elegant style but this sweater and slacks set can work.  Notice that this is a total look as the elegant is not at her best in a look of separates.  The floral design gives interest and pulls this simple pairing from the realm of ordinary to classy.   Some simple earrings and a necklace or bracelet would finish this look perfectly.

Dramatic:  Angelica Houston comes to mind.  This is the decisive, makes things happen kind of woman.   Notice the crisp fabric and bold print.  Both support a dramatic.  Prints for dramatic ladies should be geometric and bold.  Structure in fabric and style is key.  This hairstyle works well and I would add dramatic earrings and one or two bracelets to complete the look.

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Keep on Smilin’

Does your closet bring a smile every time you go in?  Or, does it reduce you to tears?


Your closet should work for you, not the other way around.

Did you know:  You can make 27 different outfits with only 8 different pieces!


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Go shopping in your own closet and discover hidden treasures.

Find new combinations.

Save money.  No more unworn items with new tags for you.

Have confidence that each item is the right color, fits you well, gives you choices for different lifestyle needs and reflects your unique personality.

Have a plan  of what items to add as you find them.

It’s All About Leather


Leather and more leather!  Leather jackets, leather dresses, leathers slacks and everything else you can imagine.   It goes far beyond the bad girl motorcycle look.

I love leather and think it can be a great staple in your wardrobe.  Because it is expensive, you will want to choose carefully.

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Jackets, the most traditional way to wear leather, are probably the most practical.   For one thing, used as a jacket, they are a great weight for our temperate climate. A leather jacket will give a complete look for jeans, slacks or a dress, taking you to the office, a meeting, out to dinner or on a casual outing with jeans.  Leather has a more masculine feel and choosing a black can turn you into a biker babe.  If that’s not the look you want, there are myriad colors and styles available that will work almost anywhere.

I have selected a few jackets to illustrate what a great accent one of these could be in your wardrobe.  These very different styles suggest completely different looks you can achieve.  The gray is such a classic that it would work with most any ensemble and a wide range of colors.  Imagine pairing this with plum or navy blue.  The longer caramel colored jacket would look lovely with skinny jeans or slacks, a skit just slightly longer than the jacket or noticeably shorter.   These slacks are horribly out of proportion!   The navy jacket has a completely different feel but has a more feminine cut and would be beautiful with gray, winter white, or plum tones, just to mention a few.

The really hot news in leather is skinny pants.  The obvious issue is that not everyone can wear skinny pants.  If you can, go for it!  My only caution on leather is that it will stretch.  I had a pair of leather slacks a few years ago and they had stretched out a full size after one year so it was off to the consignment store.  If this is a look you would love to own, I suggest that you wear them when you are going to events where you stand most of the time.  That will avoid pouches at the knees and give you apple opportunity to show off how great they look!

Leather dresses are definitely limiting in versatility but they make a great statement.  Again, I would caution you in choosing occasions where you are going to be standing most of the time so you do not end up with a “caboose”.

Happy hunting.

Tangerine Tango


Tangerine Tango!  New dance?  Yummy sorbet?  Trendy new club?

It is Pantone’s Color of the Year!  We haven’t seen orange as a key color since the 1970’s.  We all chuckle at the pictures of avocado green and harvest gold appliances from that period.  And who could ever forget those orange shag carpets?

Pantone says orange is a “powerful mood modifier, reflecting passion, power and festivity.”   What better color to stand out among the softer, less obvious hues.  Orange jumps out at you and says, “Hi!”.

Having perused web sites and stores this week, I found orange everywhere.  Crate and Barrel has orange place mats and plates.  Sephora has joined the parade with orange-toned makeup, not to mention false eyelashes including orange feather accents.  One retailer stated, “If you’ve got a bunch of products on a shelf, it can’t hurt to have an orange one.”

Tommy Hilfiger, Jill Stewart and Nanette Lepore have embraced orange in their spring collections.  Lepore even changed the fabrics for some items in order to get a deeper orange hue.

Warm is in.   Neiman Marcus called yellow the new neutral.  Several of the spring lines are featuring all warm colors.  For those of you who are warm toned:  Take full advantage!  This is your year to add as many pieces to your wardrobe as your budget can allow.  If you are cool toned:  Choose carefully.  You may need to wait for another season.

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Give the gift that dies.

How often we puzzle over choosing just the right hostess gift?  Then, once a decision is made, we are not quite sure if we have chosen the right thing?

“Give the gift that dies” was the advice from a lady who coaches ambassadors and high government officials on social etiquette.  Her premise is that it places a burden on a hostess who received a gift that she needs to remember to display each time  that guest returns.  This has happened to me.
So what is “a gift that dies?”   It is anything that the hostess doesn’t have to find a place to display or store!  Wine, flowers and candy come to mind immediately.

Wine:  A good stand-by in most cases.  It’s best to know the taste of your host.  It’s always disappointing if you present your favorite bottle of red wine to a hostess whose family only drinks white.  Or, the disaster of proudly presenting a costly bottle of wine only to discover the host has no appreciation of wine and would not know the difference between that and a bottle of “three buck Chuck”.  It is hard to not be observed sneaking that bottle back into your jacket to enjoy at home.  A French custom for presenting wine as a hostess gift is to say, “For your cave.”  This way, the hostess knows that she is not expected to serve the bottle just in case she has chosen special wine to pair with the food.

Flowers:  A great choice if you are going to someone’s home for a casual dinner.   It is best to have an ideal of what colors might be good.  If you are attending a larger event, the hostess may already have flowers in place and your gift might create the chaos of finding a container and deciding where to put them while she is greeting guests and overseeing final preparations.

Candy:  Who doesn’t love a box of Godiva?  You might, however, be blamed for the extra five pounds your hostess can’t seem to dislodge from her hips.

If you know your hostess and her home, you have a better idea of stepping outside the box to choose something more unusual.  Paper guest towels are great and a useful gift.  Although you might love towels with a comic motif or bright color, better to stick with off-white.  If you have time, it is always classy to add a monogram.   Or, consider a candle or fireplace lighter.  Another unique gift for the hostess who uses candles, is a candle snuffer.  Although these will not “die” they are practical gifts that do not require being displayed when you return.

Most importantly, keep your host and hostess in mind and have fun choosing something they will love!