Color Blocking: Work It Your Way!


What fun to see color blocking  still a fashion trend this spring.  If done correctly, it is a great look.

Color blocking is combining two  or more solid colors in blocks.  Many designers are presenting garment with blocks of color in unusual combinations.   Here are some pointers that may guide you in choosing a combination that looks fantastic and says “You”.

Look for color combinations that support the essence of you.  If you have strong coloring and pizzazz, go for a bright, bold, unusual color pairing.  If your coloring is softer and/or you have a softer presence, go for colors that support your softer look.  You can always do a blink test.  Look in the mirror then close your eyes for a bit.  When you open your eyes, what’s the first thing you see?  If it is the outfit, it is wearing you.

Proportion is key in color blocking.  There should be a one third to two thirds ratio.  One color needs to dominate.  The beauty of art and design are diminished when divided one half by one half.   You are a work of art that you want to present at its most beautiful!

Be sure your most complementary color is closest to your face.  You can get away with a color that doesn’t work as well for you if it is away from your face.  Bring attention to you by showing off your best color.

Choose a darker color for the area of your body where you prefer not to draw attention.  For example, if you have wider hips than your shoulders, choose the brighter or lighter color for the top and a darker, less obvious color for the bottom.

Get mileage out of your purchases.  Rather than buying a color-blocked dress, try separates.  Brighter and more unusual combinations will be very memorable so you won’t be able to wear it as often without people thinking , “Oh, she wore that to the last party.”  With separates, you can pair the top and bottom with neutrals or other complementary colors to create entirely different looks.

Encounter With A Personal Trainer

I met personal trainer, Cathryn Outlaw, at a women’s networking group and was drawn to her immediately.  She is tiny – 4’ 11” but a little dynamo.   She is bubbly and fun but totally directed.  Cathryn hosted a style evening for me and often sends referrals.   However, I really did not consider how her services might apply to me.  I walk five times a week, have started doing yoga twice weekly and did not consider nutrition an issue.    I buy organic, cook from scratch; yada, yada.  How would a visit to Cathryn be of benefit?

One day Cathryn invited me to come in for an evaluation.  I jokingly said, “Can you help me get back to a twenty six inch waist?”  Much to my surprise she responded, Yes!”  That did it.  That’s the waist size I was twenty-five years ago when Joe and I got married.   Over the years, it has widened and everyone said it was due to age -live with it!

We set an appointment and Cathryn asked me to bring with me a list of what I had eaten for a few days.   I went to the meeting full of confidence in how impressed she would be with my regime.

She took one look at my eating and said, “You are eating too much sugar!”  How could that be?  A 5-pound bag of sugar lasts at least two years at my house.  Of course, I did have that Chai Latte one day but that is the exception.  Never the less, Cathryn pointed out that my protein shake with banana and berries was loaded with sugar.  Add dried or fresh fruit in a salad and wine with dinner and I was waaay over the suggested amount.  She also said I was not eating enough protein.

When she brought out the calipers to measure BMI, I was feeling better.  Fitness centers have always given me accolades on my lean body mass.  Cathryn found that I am disproportionally higher through my legs than in the upper half.   Now, a pushup from the toes is completely outside my realm of possibilities, but I can do a few from the knees.  As we moved into the gym, I realized that she was checking me at the “baby” level except for my leg strength.  She gave me a list of some exercises to do on off days between yoga along with a diet of high protein and fiber and low sugar.

After this reality check, I left filled with hope and excitement over this new information.   Upon arriving at home, I checked my protein power, which had been recommended by a knowledgeable clerk at my favorite health food store.  At the bottom of ingredients, it had listed in large print that it was sweetened with Stevia.  Upon checking further, I discovered it contained 6 grams of sugar per serving and showed cane sugar in the ingredient list.  How sneaky is that?  I had gotten lazy and had not done my homework.

Today, almost a week into the program, I am past the sore muscles, have lost a pound and half and am getting accustomed to the new menu.   My waist is down by 2” (or I measured it tighter than Cathryn).  In any event, I am feeling good about the changes and know these will help me stay healthy and fit as I grow older.  You can contact Cathryn at or 404-819-8445.

Next week, my husband gets an evaluation.  This is going to be fun!

Image Consultant or Stylist. Is there a difference?


Do you know the answer?

I find people interchange the names or really don’t know if there is a difference.  Actually, there is a significant difference.  An image consultant can advise as a stylist but a stylist will not be able to bridge over to being an image consultant.

A Stylist is one who might assist in a photo shoot.   The stylist is looking to achieve a specific outcome.   Stylists are frequently used in the entertainment industry.  You have an event where you need to project a certain image – Voila! The stylist can help you achieve that result!


An image consultant seeks a much broader goal.   As an image consultant, my goal is to help clients discover their best colors and styles.  To know how to put a look together for different work situations as well as various social events.  And, to project  one’s own true style.


It is a of bit art and a bit of science.    Choosing the right color palette is one of the first steps.  The overwhelming majority of people will look better in either cool or warm colors.  (There are those rare individuals who can wear both warm and cool.)  Beyond that, there are nuances in color palettes.   This leads to finding the right palette for each individual based on both coloring and personality.   Then one considers which styles will be most becoming for each individual build.  What about achieving the right proportion, scale and texture?    This knowledge will enable  you to know how to present yourself at your very best for every occasion.


One time I discovered that a client took delight in the unexpected.  She was a strong introvert and wore suits to work each day.  She was comfortable in her traditional suits, not wanting to draw attention.  When I suggested that she find suits with a unique lining, change the buttons to something unusual, or find some other understated but unique detail she was excited.  In this way, she could express her delight in the unexpected but she did not draw unwanted attention.  These unique details would be her little secret!


Take a shopping trip through your closet.  Find those items that look great and kick others to the curb.   Look for new combinations and possibilities.  Know what new items will breathe fresh life into your existing wardrobe.  Call Beryl Pleasants to guide you.  What could be a better Valentine’s Day gift!  No unwanted calories and no dead flowers.  Just confidence and satisfaction.  404-428-2527 or