Graduation Day

My grandson just graduated from high school and will be off to college in the fall.  This made me think of all of the university students who are entering the workplace and the importance of making the right impression on job interviews.

Every year we read articles of college graduates arriving for interviews wearing flip-flops, sloppy jeans and T-shirts or other such attire more reminiscent of a high school or college student than a job seeker.  It is no news that college graduates have a much harder time finding a job in this economy.   Of course, qualifications are a must but presenting yourself professionally, in keeping with the position is essential.  With only seven seconds to make that first impression, you want to make sure you don’t get eliminated before having the opportunity to present your qualifications.

Each segment of the work-world has its own unwritten code of what to wear so the candidate must know that code and look the part.   Legal, financial/banking and accounting tend to be the most conservative.   One really hot field right now is computer science.  This field is generally focused on competence and could care less about what you wear.  One young new hire told me that his interviewer was wearing cargo shorts and a T-shirt and told him not to show up in a suit – “suits scare us.”  My son is in this field and he gets a haircut every six months and doesn’t own a suit!  He obviously does not take after his mother.

If you have a graduate or job seeker in your life, your timing is perfect.  I am doing a workshop this Saturday for BookLogix from noon to 1:30pm at BookLogix in Alpharetta.  You can watch on-line from your home or office at no charge.  Go to and click on the “Workshop” tab to find the link to register.  The workshop is designed for writers who will be promoting their new books but many of the principles covered apply to jobseekers.   I hope you are able to take advantage of this opportunity.

Eyes on the Runway

The dresses were amazing!   These unique designs were creations of students throughout Georgia.  They were beautiful modeled by eye care providers.

So what was this unusual fashion show?  It was the Night of Spectacles annual fundraiser for the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation.  I’m sure you have noticed those collection boxes for old glasses in the offices of eye care providers.   I have seen them for years and have donated many pair of glasses to them.  The Lions club has helped sponsor the Lighthouse Foundation for as long as I can remember.  This foundation helps provide glasses, hearing aids and eye surgeries for people who can’t afford to buy them.   What’s more, they send thousands of pair of used glasses to countries throughout the world.

A few years ago, someone came up with the idea of challenging students at SCAD to design dresses using parts from glasses that were too badly damaged to be reused.  The designs were presented in a runway show.  This year the challenge was presented to students throughout the state university   system.   The project is reminiscent of Project Runway with each participant challenged to come up with a design using old eye-glasses!  Designers were from colleges throughout the state and the winner was a high school student.

It was a wonderful evening with over five hundred in attendance.  The Lighthouse was able to raise an incredible $229,000!  Just think of all the patients who will be able to see or hear with that help.   I was proud to be a part of the live auction and will be meeting with my client next week.

So the next time you see a collection box for old glasses, you know how important your donation will be for someone who can’t see.  And, who knows.  We may see some of these young designers creations on the runway in New York!



To Gray or Not to Gray

My first gray hair appeared shortly after the birth of my daughter.  Hmmm, could there have been a connection?    I chose to become blond a few years later so the transition into gray has hardly been noticed.  For me, this works.

When I was growing up, the majority of women let their hair gray naturally while today it is unusual to see someone who has allowed the natural gray to show.  Obviously, trend is on the side of coloring your hair but what is really the best look for you?

As we age, our skin color softens thus natural graying supports the over-all softening of coloration.   As a teen, I remember a lady in our small town, probably in her 70’s or 80’s who dyed her hair bright red!  Her face had this soft, grandmotherly look but her hair made you wonder about her profession.  My mother discovered that one of her friends was this lady’s daughter.  The daughter expressed dismay but her mother loved her bright red and refused to change it.  This dear lady had no idea that she was sending such an unflattering message.

Men look distinguished in gray hair.  Their natural hair color doesn’t seem to make any difference; those temples showing some white add a touch of sophistication.   Think about George Clooney, Wolf Blitzer (I would do away with the beard), or Mitt Romney.  Their gray hair is an asset.   As long as I can remember, my daddy had salt and pepper gray hair.   He was a handsome man and the gray only added to his appeal.   He was still handsome with a full head of white hair at ninety.

For women the choice is a conundrum.  I love to see gray hair on someone with very dark hair.  The salt and pepper can be beautiful and become lovelier as it turns white.  For those of us with lighter brown or red hair, the graying process may not be quite as attractive by today’s standards.

Christine LaGarde, the French head of the IMF, has beautiful white hair.  I have rarely seen her wear anything but black or gray and either no makeup or it is not discernable.  She may feel black is necessary because of her powerful position but she would be beautiful in a deep, shaded red and I would like to see some hint of color in her face.  Emylou Harris, country western star, is also beautiful in her naturally white hair.  Jamie Lee Curtis and George Clooney are two actors who have chose to gray naturally.

Whether you choose to go natural or color your gray the key is to make have your colors are updated to support the hair color change.  Salt and pepper form a pattern so wearing patterns will become a bit tricky.  For colored hair, getting regular touch-ups will be essential.  Most of all embrace your mature beauty and enjoy.

Mothers Day is just around the corner.   What better gift than an updated color analysis?  Call Beryl at 404-428-2527 or email at for an appointment.