Summer Heat


We went to Gulf Shores last weekend with our daughter and her husband.  The storm kept to the east so the weather was ideal – slightly overcast with a nice breeze.  Monday evening, arriving in Atlanta at rush hour, my husband observed that the outside temperature indicator was reading 98 degrees.  Then he said it was 103!  I was incredulous, having just come from the cool beach and remembering Friday temperatures being in the 80’s when we left.  After asserting the temperatures gauge had to be broken, we passed a sign with the temperature reading – 99 degrees!  What happened?

Obviously, summer has jumped on us with a vengeance!  The next question is how to stylishly transition from the outdoor heat to an office that feels more like a deep freeze.  This year has many great options.

One excellent choice is to start with a well fitted dress, preferable sleeveless or with short sleeves, then layer.  The key is to choose lightweight layers that do not create bulk.  While in the office, you add attractive layers, and then remove them when going out for lunch or an errand.  The dress needs to stands on its own.  You never know when you might run into a key client.

Scarves – There is a wide variety of this popular fashion accessory.   Keep a selection in your desk drawer for covering your shoulders or tossed across your legs when you are at your desk.   You may choose from silk or very lightweight wool.   Wool will be a bit warmer but the ideal is to choose one that is a beautiful accent for different ensembles you might wear.

Sweaters – Cardigans and shrugs offer a wide variety of options and work with many different outfits.  The lightweight cashmeres are my favorite.  They offer more warmth than cotton and are easy to slip into a purse or desk drawer.  Cardigans can be tossed over your shoulders or worn in the traditional way.

Jackets – Another excellent option, though not as easily portable.  For an important meeting or a presentation, you might opt for a jacket and even add a scarf for extra warmth and added pizzazz.

I would choose base colors in the more expensive items like a jacket or the dress.  Let the less expensive sweater or scarf make the statement.  The key is to stay chic while staying warm.  Nothing looks tackier than pulling out that warm, snuggy, hand knit sweater Grandma made for me in high school.  Pack that away in the “sentimental” box and go for wraps that will help get that promotion, ace the sale or just make you know that you look great!

Need some help in choosing core pieces for your wardrobe?  Call us and we will guide you in how to achieve a versatile wardrobe from just a few pieces without breaking the piggy bank! or 404-428-2527.

Swimsuits go Retro


Summer invariably includes invitations to the pool, lake or maybe a trip to the beach, prompting the proverbial question, “How will I look in a bathing suit?”

Well, this year offers good news.  Swimsuits are going retro – really retro.  In fact, the styles of the ‘40’s are in abundance.  We’ve all seen clips of old movie with Esther Williams.  Betty Grable was the most famous pinup girl of the time and who could forget the sexy Rita Hayworth?  These one-piece suits left a lot to the imagination but no one could say they were not sexy.  They also hid slight imperfections!

I have always thought a one-piece suit was the most flattering for me so have never found a bikini appealing.  Swimsuits, like all other clothes, should be chosen to show off the best possible “you”.  I am always amazed to see photos of celebrities wearing bikinis when their bodies would look much better with more cover.  It somehow diminishes their beauty –that image remains even when they are dressed at their best.

When choosing a suit that will be best on you, consider some basic guidelines.  If you have a full bust, look for a suit with good support.  A strapless or suit with tiny straps simply will not give you the support you need and will be uncomfortable as well as not as attractive.   If you are a triangle and have wider hips, you might find a cute skirted suit flattering.  If you have a smaller bust, go for one with ruffles at the bust line.  For the lady with a trim midsection, one of the new retro two-piece suits might be fun.

Shirring and prints are great for camouflaging little bumps and valleys.  Choose something with a special detail to accentuate the area you want to show off.  And don’t forget that great cover-up!  This is good news – bad news.   Designers have added all sorts of fabulous accessories to coordinate with the new retro suits so you can look fabulous.  It could be easy to go over budget!

Summer is a great time for a style party.  Grab several friends and get together for  mini-consultations and wardrobe ideas.  Bring in that problem item to see how it can look fabulous.  Only $35 per person and a bonus of one hour toward a closet edit for the hostess.   Call 404-428-2527 or email for details.

Attend a Tea Lately?

If you are like me, it had been a long time since attending a tea but Sunday afternoon at the Four Seasons was a delightful occasion.  Alliance Francaise sponsored the event for their annual fundraising event.  There were perhaps 150 ladies in attendance, all beautiful adorned in their favorite hats.

The parade of hats before the judges was great fun selecting the top three hats and the most unusual, a delightful lesson on proper tea etiquette and live auction all contributed to a fun time.  However, the most exciting part was the style show by Nina’s Couture.

Nina is one of my favorite people.  She is from St. Petersburg Russia, a professor at the university in addition to being a famous couturier, known throughout Russia.  In Atlanta, she specializes in one of kind creations.  Her daytime dresses are always unique and stunning while her evening gowns are to die for.  One thing for sure, you will never meet anyone wearing your same dress when wearing one of Nina’s designs!

If you are not in the market for one of her creations, let her do your alterations.  I use her for my personal alterations and send clients to her.  She is the best with fit for both men and women.

Butterflies, Yes! Moths, No!

We all love the magnificently beautiful butterflies.  Their exquisite colors and elegance prompt us to take time to appreciate each one we encounter.

No so their menacing cousin, the moth.  Moths are not only aesthetically bland and unappealing, but they strike fear into our hearts when one is found in a closet.  Moths’ appetites cost tens of thousands of dollars annually.   They simply love to eat holes in our delicate woolen and silk fabrics, not to mention rugs and every other delicate natural fiber.

Moth holes actually come from the larva, not the moth itself.  Clothing fiber carries fragrances, perspiration, hair, and invisible food stains, which turn into protein over time and attract insects to lay eggs and so the cycle goes.  Doug Greenberg, vice president of offered his insights into the best way to protect our out of season silk and woolens.  His company specializes in luxury clothing storage for private clients and fashion houses throughout the US.

Mr. Greenberg suggests always cleaning or washing natural fiber garments before storing.    Another option is to use a hand steamer to sterilize the garment killing any bacteria.  Remember, if you bought that killer wool garment at the end of season, it still needs to be sterilized as it had no doubt been tried on several times while in the store and might be carrying an open invitation to moths.

Keep your storage closet clean with regular vacuuming.  If it has ever been invaded by moths or other chewing critters, you will want to do a thorough cleaning as even one remaining little egg can reinfect the entire closet.   I would avoid traditional mothballs which are toxic and leave an odor on the clothes.

Lavender or cedar to repel insects is best used in tightly closed areas like drawers.    Using plastic bags is not a good idea for storage.  They work great for keeping your garments wrinkle-free for travel but when used for storage, the plastic emits a gas that can discolor over a period of time.  Natural fibers need to breathe so store in a breathable fabric garment bag or acid-free boxes.

Turn your closet into your own personal sanctuary!  Love everything hanging there and know that it looks fabulous on you!  Is this your dream?  We can help you achieve this dream.  Call Beryl or email to see if  a closet edit might be the answer.