Unique Christmas Gifts

A few days ago we attended a dinner where everyone shared some fun thing about themselves.  One couple told that when they were first married, the husband called his wife shortly before Christmas and the conversation went like this:

Husband:   “Hey, what are you doing?”

Wife:           “I’m buying my Christmas present.”

Husband:   “Really.  Are you going to have it gift            wrapped.”

Wife:          “I hadn’t planned to.”

Husband:   “Well, please do because I want to be surprised.”

As you can guess, that started their tradition of buying their own Christmas gifts and having them wrapped to surprise the other one!  How fun is that?

Consider the gift of beauty, time and frustration gone by never having to walk into your closet and not know what to wear. With a Style With Aplomb consultation or closet edit you will only need to decide which outfit to wear, then will be confident that you always look your authentic best for every occasion.   The good news is that we are offering a 20% discount through December 25th.  Order your gift certificate today, then schedule your appointment at your convenience for 2013!

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Have the Merriest Christmas ever!





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Emerald: Beyond Gemstone

Last year it was Tangerine Tango, the year before Honeysuckle.  This year, Pantone has crowned Emerald as the 2013 color of the year.   Pantone chooses the “it” color more by research than by a crystal ball.   A color committee from Pantone identifies which colors manufacturers are using in their new products.  This is followed by  surveys, meetings, and educated opinions.  Ultimately Pantone announces the color of the year with much fanfare.  Now we understand why products often appear in stores immediately after the color of the year is announced.

Look for fennel green on the shelves of Le Creucet, the enamel clad cast iron kitchen- ware manufacturer.   JC Penney’s will be featuring emerald green bedding while GM is presenting a Camero in unripened green.   Of course, it follows that emerald green will be featured in clothing.

Green takes a bit of expertise in choosing the right shade but anyone can wear some shade of green.  As you probably know, red and green are complementary colors, dividing the color wheel into cool and warm colors.  Both red and green can be either warm or cool.   If a the green shade contains more yellow, it will be warm-toned and will look good on a warm-toned person while green with more blue, will look good on a cool–toned person.   Turquoise, teal, aqua or whatever name one chooses ofora blue-green shade has the unique distinction of being complementary for both cool and warm coloring.

Options in finding your right hue of green are almost limitless.  In addition to adding the adjacent color to make a different hue, you can add neutrals to creating an olive shade, a bottle green, apple green, pastel green, and the list goes on.   When choosing your best green, hold it up to your face under good lighting and notice if the color makes your skin sallow or washed out or if you appear to have a healthy glow.  You may want to hold up a color that you know is becoming and compare that against how you look with the green.  This should give you a good indication of whether the green works for you.

Having trouble seeing the difference?  You might want to have a color analysis and get your own personal color fan to guide you.  Just give me a call at 404-428-2527 or email at Beryl@StyleWithAplomb.com.

Emerald jewelry will be becoming for anyone.  It’s my motto that next to diamonds, emeralds are a girl’s best friend!   But then, maybe I’m prejudiced.  My birthstone is emerald and the beryl is the mineral family in which the emerald is found!

Power Flats

Looking for that very special gift for Christmas?  Consider a closet edit!  I just worked with a client with a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.  She loves sales and had many separate items but no idea how to make an outfit.  We edited down to the best items then created outfits for her many engagements.  Yesterday she told me, “It was just like you said!  In choosing what to wear for a party over the weekend, I just had to decide which outfit to choose. It was so easy.”  Her husband is so pleased she is planning his own edit for Christmas.

Power Flats

Good news for all of you who have struggled with trying to find fashionable shoes that are comfortable!  Welcome to “Power Flats”.

Georgio Armani, a favorite of many professional businesswomen, was among those designers featuring flats in their spring lines.  These are not the little ballet flats with rounded toes and youthful innocence.  These flats project presence and power.

Shoes in recent seasons have made such a dominate statement that your attention is totally on the shoes.  It is hard to carry on a conversation with a pair of shoes!  I much prefer a balanced look where attention can focus on who is wearing the shoes.

Power flats include the androgynous oxford design, metallic capped toes and pointed toes.   The pointed toes or metal caps convey authority – like you mean business.  They are also more flattering on most feet, elongating the leg and foot.  The latest issue of Vogue had a spread featuring flats with extreme points that would make any witch proud.  It looked like it would more difficult to walk without tripping than wearing 5” heels with a 1” wedge.  What ever happened to the old adage, “everything in moderation”?

I like the oxfords paired with trousers or very tailored skirts or dresses.  Cropped wider legged trousers work really well. Flats with pointed toes can be worn with suits or dresses.   Try them on with different outfits as proportion is key.

Considering the many women unable to wear heels, fashionable flats for professional settings are truly welcome.  Nothing is going to replace the allure of a woman wearing high heels but these flats might just offer an occasional respite for your feet!