Straps and More Straps

I have been searching for cute sandals this spring without success.  Not only have I not been able to find something that will look great with slacks and dresses, I haven’t found anything that doesn’t appear heavy.   I have long, narrow feet and most of this season’s strappy sandals simply overpower.

My frustration was affirmed by Teri Agin, fashion New York reporter in a recent article. Most of this year’s sandals feature a profusion of wider straps.  Couple this with heavy platforms or wedges and your foot can look more like a boat anchor!  If your have slender legs and/or long feet or if you have larger legs, that is not where you want to draw attention.  Since visual weight of the shoes draws attention to one’s feet, these sandals are not becoming to most women.   I, for one, would rather have someone notice my face first, then

Sandals don’t work with suits.  A suit is a more formal business look and needs a pump with or without a peep toe.   Visually heavy sandals can work with slacks – but not skinny pants.   I noticed a young woman yesterday when meeting a client for a shopping expedition at Neiman Marcus.   Even a modified platform shoe with straps appeared too heavy for this tiny lady adorably dressed with skinny pants and top.

Choosing sandals with thinner straps and no rivets, buckles or other geegaws in a neutral color that matches your skin will be the most flattering look.  To quote Teri, “Pay attention to the heel and the platform.  Flat gladiators aren’t pretty at all.  And if the platform, the heel or the wedge is too chunky, your shoe will pull you down – optically – making you look dumpy.”  My sentiments exactly!


“Beryl, when you did my closet edit, it has been so liberating!”  These were the words from a lady with whom I had done a closet edit a few months ago.  We happened to run into each other last week where she greeted me with these words.  Have you ever considered what a weight it is to have clothes hanging unworn in your closet?  Do you ever puzzle over what to wear?  One thing has a stain, another doesn’t fit, etc. etc.   You might want to consider a closet edit.   Call or email to see if being “liberated” might be just what you need. 404-428-2527.

Young women’s style looks like WHO??

When I think of young women’s fashion choices, I think of torn jeans, very short skirts, too much skin and really tight.  Of course, that is a generalization but it does seem that the description fits for a lot of 20-somethings.

I hope you are sitting down.  The trend is shifting for young women to dress more like their mothers  grandmothers!  Being a grandmother, I find that pretty cool.  In a recent article by Alexa Brazilian, She quotes Peter Copping, creative director for Nina Ricci, “A young girl doesn’t want to dress like her mother, she finds her grandmother much cooler.”  How long has it been since you have heard a grandmother called “cool”?

Thomas Maier, designer for Bottega Veneta, commented that he prefers women to be sensuous and in charge, and does not care for sexy.  Christopher Kane of London even commented “Ladylike is the ultimate sexiness.”  The shift is moving away from it-bags, platform heels, and gaudy in-your-face jewelry to a quieter, more subtle look.  Lower heeled shoes, pointed toed ballet flats, cardigans, and skirts hovering around the knees.

Carolina Herrera, a well-known New York designer who collection is always beautiful and tasteful despite the number of 0’s in the price tag, is a perfect example of the style younger women are choosing to wear.  Ms. Herrera is known for her white blouses, her personal style of choice paired with classic slacks or skirts.  In her 70’s, she is a beautiful example of good taste.  Her style is elegant classic and I have never seen a picture of her when she was not just that.   What young woman wouldn’t want to present herself so beautifully?

Lee Radziwill, sister of Jackie O, is still a stylish New York socialite at 80.  Like Carolina Herrera, she sets an excellent example of tasteful, timeless dressing.  Her dramatic classic look would be equally appropriate on someone in their 20’s. These women have maintained their personal style through fads and phases.  I am so happy to see the return of tasteful, classic restraint in clothing for young women.  The added bonus is that we more mature ladies should soon be able to find a wide selection of clothing appropriate for our age and bodies!  Now that’s good news!

Run for the Roses


Run for the Roses or Fashion Parade, Orb was clearly the winner at this year’s Kentucky Derby.   Having never attended the event, I have always envision it like Ascot in My Fair Lady; elegantly dressed ladies in extraordinary hats and handsomely attired men with the horse race supplying an excuse to be there thus clad.  What a shame that we don’t have more such occasions!

Rain reduced some of hats to indistinguishable colors wrapped in plastic but many chapeaus survived, at least for a photo op.

Of course, there were the usual bizarre ensembles as well.  Wouldn’t it be disappointing if some people didn’t want to inject a bit of humor into this proper, 139 year old tradition?

If you didn’t get to be there, enjoy the event vicariously.