Boots in the Spotlight

Boots in the Spotlight

Posted on November 21, 2013 by admin

For several seasons, boots have been popular but this season, they seem to have hit the spotlight.  I love the look but there are many pitfalls between looking great and missing the mark.

When choosing boots, as in any fashion decision, think about your style.  If you have a sporty, outdoor look, you can wear many more styles than someone whose style is feminine or elegant.  Some styles are only for the young who don’t yet have a style.

I have chosen a variety of examples to offer some guidance.

Uggs – An apt name for this boot.  If you are over the age of thirteen and/or don’t live in the Arctic, I can only say “Ug”!  There is really no style to these boots and they make your feet and legs appear huge.  Rain boots and the work boot styles fall into the same category.  If you work on a horse farm, mucking out stables, either would be appropriate.  Otherwise, I can’t think of many settings where one might wear them with aplomb.

Cowboy Boots – These are really a costume and should be worn when wearing Western clothing.   When we lived in New Mexico, many women wore cowboy boots with their blue jeans or a denim skirts. But this is an area where men’s formal attire was often new blue jeans, cowboy boots and big belt buckles topped with tuxedo jackets and a bolo tie. Somehow, I think this would be out of place in most cities!

Riding Boots – This is a versatile boot, great with skinny jeans.  It is a smart look for traditional, sporty, or even dramatic style.  The look is going to be too masculine for a feminine, elegant, or voluptuous lady. Scarlett Johnasson, Renee Zelweger, and  Diane Sawyer are examples of ladies who would not be projecting their style with such a look.

Robin Hood Boots –  These are very casual and are right at home in the forest.  I was in the elevator this week with a lady dressed in a suit with full skirt, opaque hose and matching Robin Hood boots.  She was so well put together except for the boots.  The turn down flap added another interruption to the flow of one’s eye and did not match her professional business attire.  Had she chosen fitted tall boots or short boots with opaque hose, it would have been a great, professional look.

Lace-up short boot – This boot is also a sporty look but could be pulled off as more feminine because they are more close fitting and do not seem bulky.   They would be best with skinny jeans that tuck into the top or heavy leggings.

Short boots – These are fabulous for the small-boned, more elegant ladies of the world. They are trim, and a pointed toe and slender heel give an elegant look. Most other style types can wear them also but if you love casual, they don’t fit the bill.  To keep a long leg line, match opaque hose with the boot.  If you are short or do not have a have a long leg line, matching both with your skirt will add visual height and a long-leg appearance.  Or, you could wear skinny trousers of the same color but be sure there is no gap between the boots and the trouser.

If you have dreams of boots in your stocking, I hope this helps you choose the perfect style!

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The Canadian Tuxedo


Canada is known for a more casual way of dress:  think lumberjacks with red and black plaid shirts, denim, cowboy hats, etc.  They have also been the recipient of some not so kind jokes about denim on denim.  Thus the tag, Canadian Tuxedo.

Fashions come and fashions go.  I was amused to see matching shoes and handbags this fall, remembering “matchy, matchy, has been scorned for the last several years.  Wearing denim with denim has been cast into the same category.  I am not am not a big fan of a denim shirt and jacket with jeans but some people can pull it off.

After spending a month in Europe, I can attest that denim is IN, really IN!  Although I didn’t see much denim on denim, jeans were worn by everyone.  I saw no faded, distressed, or baggy examples but for men and women alike, jeans were the go-to article of clothing.   One often saw men pairing jeans with a sport jacket and dress shirt.  Women generally wore skinny or close-fitting jeans with a sweater, boots and always a scarf.  They looked casually chic.

Jeans jackets offer a more casual completed look for those who don’t need to be business professional at work.  Keep your individual style in mind.  The blue jeans and jacket look is great for the athletic or natural look but doesn’t reflect an elegant or romantic persona.  Pairing colored jeans with a feminine blouse will be much more reflective of these styles.  Jeans jackets are extremely versatile and come in many colors.  A soft color will be much more feminine than traditional blue denim.  If your style is dramatic, add a touch of drama with a scarf or other accent.  Someone with a traditional style can always wear dark jeans with a traditional blouse and a jacket, jeans or other accent.

If you are a triangle or oval body shape, try wearing a snappy tunic to camouflage the wider area of your body.  Jeans look great with ballet flats which help keep the leg line long.

You don’t have to make it a Canadian Tuxedo to rock a jeans look!

A Month in Province


We arrived in Nice the end of September and began our sojourn on the Riviera.  Our little apartment in Le Cannet was about ten minutes out of Cannes toward the mountains.  Our window looked over the tile rooftops to the Mediterranean.  The apartment was located on an old street with small workshops and restaurants.  One shop made violins and other stringed instruments.   How charming is that?

I had the opportunity to conduct two workshops on discovering your unique design for about twenty ladies.  They were excited to discover which colors were most complementary for them and which styles were their best.  What a fun audience!

Time flew by, as we were involved in helping with a big event hosting some 20 business people from the US.  Trips to the airport and train station, lovely dinner at one of the most prestigious golf clubs and a luncheon at another beautiful location were only a part of activities.

We had the opportunity to visit three of our favorite ancient sites:  Eze, Mougins, and Saint Paul de Vence.   They are medieval walled villages located high up on the peak of a hill.  In Eze we lunched at the Eagle’s Nest, a small restaurant at the very top with little eating areas nestled between the rocks.

The phlebologue was a must visit for me.  These doctors treat spider veins easily and inexpensively.  I was able to get an appointment shortly before our departure!

The trip was ended with a visit with friends near Lucerne, Switzerland.  They have four-year-old twin boys.  One is very social like his mother and the other a more serious thinker like his father.   We arrived Halloween evening and the family was hosting a big party for their neighborhood after the children went trick or treating.  The more serious boy did not want to participate in the party but wanted to play chess with my husband, Joe!  The next morning, when the boys were asked what they liked most about Halloween, Louis replied,  “Trick or treating” while Henry said. “Playing chess with Joe.  But he ate my queen!”

What a great end to a wonderful trip!