As seen in the shops in Cannes

Paris Fashion Week - Chanel - Inside Arrivals We are in Cannes in the South of France for the month of October working with friends who live here.  I have been privileged to present several workshops and have an evening presentation on Monday. It has been so rewarding to see how enthusiastic these ladies from all of over the world have been. The workshop on travel wardrobe was received with great enthusiasm. Our internet works on occasion so I am writing this from a Hotel lobby!  Of necessity, it will be brief.

I love walking down the main street in Cannes and looking at all the designer shops with their fall fashions.  We probably would not find some of the designs inmode__christian-dior_automne-hiver-2014-2015_paris_madame-figaro_22 Atlanta.  In addition to the Cannes Film Festival, this city hosts dozens of events throughout the year.  The Muppets were just here last week.  Obviously, women visiting here from all over the world have a less conservative fashion image than we do in the South.

Two designers who especially caught my attention were Christian Dior and Chanel.  Dior has some very interesting colors as you can see from the pictures.  The complementary colors are in their full intensity in the blue and orange, while the red  has been softened to pink with bright green and the blue and lilac is an unusual combination not often used.  These all take lots of energy to wmode__christian-dior_automne-hiver-2014-2015_paris_madame-figaro_23ear!  If you are a quiet person, these are not for you!  They also rmode__christian-dior_automne-hiver-2014-2015_paris_madame-figaro_20isk being memorable.  It does look like the under dress is solid and can be worn separately which will give you more opportunity to wear it.  The use of these unusual color combinations is not seen frequently so I had to share it.

Chanel is another story.  Yes, there is color and unusual designs but I am wondering if designer Karl Lagerfeld has too many lines to design and simply lost focus!  Chanel is known for beautiful tweed suits which work well for a sporty personality.  One design in the window showed a black and white plaid tweed jacket with matching tight trousers.  Really?  Who could wear that?  Then there were sparkly knit tweeds.  Yes, the tights matched the tops in multi-color knit.  Each suit showed matching sneakers – one pink plaid tweed suit had knee-high matching pink tweed sneaker/boots.   The one picture is probably enough to get the idea!  Even Miss Piggy would not wear this!

I will certainly not be adding any of these fashions to my fall wardrobe but it is always fun to see what actually is worn in other parts if the world!