Oh, the weather outside is frightful . . .



Looks warm but where's the "pop"?
Looks warm but where’s the “pop”?

Here we are before Thanksgiving with temperatures dipping down below freezing! Is this Atlanta?

Sweaters to the rescue! I just ran across an article from earlier in the fall discussing the many cashmere sweaters available in stores this season (and sales starting to kick into full swing)! So how lucky can we get?

Wait just a minute before you race out and buy some toasty, bulky, over-sized beauty. Are you planning to wear this just to cuddled up in front of the fire with a good book? That is a little different than going out in public. Choosing the warm, snuggy style that works for you will take a little more thought than just warmth.

Is a tent look for you?
Is a tent look for you?

Bulky sweaters, by definition, add bulk. If you are troubled with a few extra pounds, this may be a deal breaker.   I have chosen some pictures from this season’s selections to offer some guidelines so that your choice will be a favorite and not hang in your closet unworn.

The white crew neck would probably not be flattering on a small-boned person even if she is tall, but a petite lady would be engulfed in the volume. The sleeves are too long, which seems to be a style for many sweaters. If you are one of those individuals who finds this style irritating, this sweater will probably hang in your closet after one wearing. If that isn’t a problem and you love the sweater, I would add a great scarf for interest and to bring color near your face.

The model wearing this oversized white turtleneck below almost disappears in the volume. Again, the sleeves are nearly covering her hands, further making the model appear invisible. This look could only work on someone who is tall and large boned. She needs to have lots of visual presence so that she wears the sweater and not the sweater wearing her. Slim cut trousers would help balance the over-sized look.

Where's the girl?
Where’s the girl?

This grey sweater jacket would be a really versatile piece in most any wardrobe. However, wearing it over a full skirt gives a tent effect. I have seen trapeze designs in dresses that are adorable but adding a sweater that covers the waist for a trapeze look will not be flattering for most anyone. Sweater – yes.  Worn over this dress – no!

Is this in Alaska?
Is this in Alaska?

The Alaskan coat sweater is probably best in Alaska. Although I’m sure it is warm, it has so much bulk that I can’t imagine any lady who could carry it off. This model looks like she is preparing to try out as a lineman for the Denver Bronco’s!

On a positive note, these images taken from Saks Fifth Avenue web site, represent only a few of the wonderful sweaters in their collection. I found them searching for a possible addition or two to my own wardrobe. As you are looking for that warm, toasty sweater for yourself or for a gift, just keep the scale in mind and enjoy the search. Most every store offers an abundance of options.

On the Cote d’Azur

Which scarf for Michelle

What an amazing month! October on Cote d’Azur in the South of France. We love this area and I had the pleasure of conducting image workshops.   Home base was an adorable little apartment in Le Cannet, about fifteen minutes from Cannes.

Traveling in a foreign country is always an experience. We had a fabulous view from our living room – French door opening onto a small balcony and a view of the Mediterranean. Cruise ships would arrive in the morning and spend the day so passengers could shop in the quaint little shops in Cannes, departing that evening to arrive at the next port for a new visit. The sunsets were spectacular. My husband, Joe, walked down to the nearby patisserie for our daily baguette, that we enjoyed with coffee while taking in this amazing view.

Of course, we always got a chuckle out of the city sponsored motorcycle  patrolling the sidewalks several times a week equipped with a vacuum to pick up the dog droppings!  None of this owners walking around with a little baggie here!

You really parked like this?
You really parked like this?

Presenting workshops was great fun!  Each workshop had fifteen to twenty in attendance.  The ladies attending live, at least part of the year, in the South of France. They were a fantastic audience. Although the presentations usually followed a luncheon, hostess Sara decided to hold one in the evening so ladies who were unable to come at noon could attend. We expected four or five ladies.   The final attendance was nineteen! Such enthusiasm!   Many kisses on each cheek, and warm compliments.   How rewarding to be involved with such a group.

View from our apartment
View from our apartment

Our apartment was not without challenges. The hot water had a mind of its own! Each time I got the temperature just right, it would continue until I was covered with shampoo and then turn to ice! I just learned to anticipate and work with this little quirk as it always happened.  And then there was the internet.  You haven’t seen regular blogs for a good reason!

The local streets and roads are well known for being narrow and crooked, often changing from two-lane to one-lane without warning. The car rental company wisely didn’t even offer to allow me to drive!  Joe, on the other hand, loves the challenge. I have included a picture of our nightly parking. It takes real skill to parallel-park that close to a building, bumper to bumper between two cars and never make a scratch! I was grateful that Joe could execute this with confidence!

It has been exciting returning home to get to spend time with two new clients in their closets and have to conduct two workshops. My husband teases me that I enjoy my work too much to call it work! He is right and I appreciate each and every one of you!

A bientôt. – Until next week.