Can I Wear Stripes? Are Polkadots Better?

Fun but sophisticated.
Fun but sophisticated.

Polka dots and stripes are prominent additions to prints for this season.   All polka dots and stripes are not created equal.   Let’s look at them more closely and see which iteration might have a place in your spring wardrobe.

Polka dots have a fun feeling to them.  They are round, active and remind you of balloons and balls – fun.  When I took classes at UCLA my professor said polka dots were frivolous.  I have come to the conclusion that tiny polka dots with little space between are, indeed, frivolous.  However, larger polka dots with more space between have much more stability.   These polka dots are still fun but with a much more sophisticated feel.  This dress with accents of large polka dots is a great example.

Perfect for the outdoor typle.
Perfect for the outdoor type.

Stripes in women’s fashion are generally horizontal, projecting a serene message.  Think of a landscape with the horizontal lines of fields.   Turn the stripes into a diagonal, and they project an active, dynamic image.  Think of how a lovely meadow conveys serenity while mountains project action.  Vertical stripes remind us of  attention; an erect, soldier-like image.  Men’s pinstripe suits have a formal, business like persona.

Mix it up.  Action, serenity, and fun!
Mix it up. Action, serenity, and fun!

When stripes are used in women’s fashion, they can vary in width as well.   The wider the stripe, the more impact it makes.  I noticed the first stripes that appeared in the fashion cycle this year were in black and white.  This contrast is dramatic to begin with so a very wide stripe in black and white can only be pulled off by a wearer with a lot of attitude or a strong presence.  By softening the color palette, a wide stripe loses much of its impact.  This is softer palette is much better for a blonde, or someone with a soft presence.

When varied widths and/or colors are used in stripes, the look becomes much more sporty.  Notice this lovely long formal gown with stripes.  The bright orange and size variation of the stripes would work perfectly if you have that “all American girl” appearance.   With polka dots,

Ready for action!
Ready for action!

varied colors take on a more frivolous feel and are more sporty. This is just FUN! If your facial structure has lots of angles and your brows are straight, stripes will be excellent for you.  If you face is soft with lots of rounded lines, polka dots will be your friend.  If you have a combination of rounded and straight lines, you can wear either print.

Have fun choosing the right look for you.


Hats on for Spring


IMAG0596As flowers and sunshine welcome spring, events bring the extra festivity of HATS!

I had the fun of attending a Kentucky Derby party a week ago and think every one of the 400+ ladies there was wearing a hat. Of course, we watched the Derby, but the most fun was watching all of these beautiful people dressed to the 9’s: Gentlemen in their spring suits and ladies beautifully attired including fantastic hats.

Orange hat with pink flowers, pink feathers, African American woman smiling
Orange hat with pink flowers, pink feathers, African American woman smiling

The afternoon concluded with judging the best bow tie (complements of Jay Austin Bow Ties) and the best hat.  I was privileged to be a judge for this event thanks to the sponsorship by Bucco Courture, our new men’s custom suit company that I now represent.  What fun!

style15After this event, I had to go online and find pictures from the event itself. These hats are beautiful but I think the ones at the Atlanta event were equally lovely.

The following day, I attended the Salon de Thé — the big annual fundraiser for Alliance Françise held at 103 West.

Brown haired woman wears a large black hat, blond haired woman wears a red hat, both pose by the Twin Spires
Four beauties:  hats and ladies!

Here again, everyone wore a beautiful hat! Another parade of hats with awards to the best.

The following weekend was Mother’s Day!  More hats!  That should fill my hat passion until next  year!