70’s Retro or Boho

Posted on March 17, 2011 by admin

When I think of the 70’s, I think of hippies, psychedelic colors, long, stringy hair and all of the other negative images that went with that period. I lived in Southern California during that time, one of the hot spots for the movement. Being a mother of two young children and very conservative, I was anything but impressed. You can imagine my reaction when I read that the spring collections would encompass styles from the 70’s or the Boho look.

In reality, designers have taken the look, cleaned it up, and modernized it. Let’s look at the Maxi skirt. There are many versions of this peasant-type skirt look so I have selected a variety of examples.

Neiman’s New Personal Line

The first example is a classic maxi skirt in white with a white tank top. It is paired with a beige jacket. One of the keys to wearing this look is to keep good proportion. The skirt is voluminous so balance needs to be achieved by having the top hug the body. This jacket simply makes the model appear bulky and shapeless. Without the jacket, the fitted shell is perfect. If a jacket is needed, a fitted jacket or sweater, stopping at the waist would be a better choice. This skirt is lacy so would be best worn by a romantic and feminine or possibly a creative, artistic personality. These sandals work perfectly for the look.

Vince at Neiman’s

The next skirt by Vince, has a completely different feel. Paired with this white tank, it gives an “all-American” girl feel. This skirt and top could be worn to lunch, to a ball game or any variety of other events. It will best complement the sporty, outdoor personality.


Albert Makali at Neiman’s
The last dress will appeal to a totally different personality. Points on the skirt add a touch of drama. It also has a sexy, alluring feel. You notice this model has a much more dramatic, alluring appearance. This is a good choice of the maxi look for ladies who fit the dramatic or sexy, alluring category.

You will notice that there were no maxi examples for the traditional, classic, or elegant personality. As with every changing trend, one needs to recognize ones unique personal style and wear trends that support that style. For these ladies, better to love it and leave it.

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