A Welcome Change in Purse Styles

A Welcome Change in Purse Styles

Posted on March 30, 2011 by admin
After several years of oversized, unstructured purses, trends are swinging back to smaller sizes and more defined shapes. I, for one, am very pleased. I understand why everyone finds these large purses so appealing. It is really handy to be able to throw your running shoes, lunch, the shirt you want to return to Macy’s, a book to read while waiting at the doctor’s office, or the baby bottle and a couple of diapers into your purse. Not to mention your husband’s camera, wallet and car keys! (I speak from experience here.) The practical downside is that you can’t ever find your wallet or lipstick.

I have a little different take on the oversized purses. Most of these large purses are too big in scale for the average lady and can appear overpowering. We’ve all seen small ladies carrying handbags that look like mini suitcases. The first thing you see is that purse. A purse should be in scale with the person carrying it. It should be an integral part of the total person’s appearance, keeping the focus on the person.

Another very practical reason to carry a smaller purse is frequent visits to a doctor or chiropractor necessitated from carrying too much weight in a purse.

From a design standpoint, these huge purses are traditionally designed with lots of pleating and gathers, allowing the maximum space inside the purse without looking like a piece of luggage. This style is not for everyone. The person who is a sporty, outdoor type or the artistic, creative person will be drawn to this type of purse. However, the classic, elegant or dramatic person will need more structure to support their more formal look. A romantic, feminine lady should choose a purse reflecting her feminine look.

The orange handbag by Isabelle Fiore is more casual and slouchy and would work very well for the sporty person.

The structure of the beige Dior Classic has a much more formal look and will be an excellent choice for the dramatic or classic lady.

Notice the second beige purse by Marc Jacobs. It is smaller and dressier and would work well with a dress where the larger bag above has a heavier look and would work better with a suit or more substantial clothing.

This animal print by Dolce and Gabbana is the new crossbody style. An animal print is more dramatic but the crossbody strap conveys a more casual look. This would work for the artsy person as well.

Finally, the small clutch by Valentino would be the perfect complement for that feminine, romantic lady.
All purses available at Neiman Marcus, Atanta.

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