Are You an Internet Shopper?

Posted on May 27, 2011 by admin

Internet shopping has become so popular that stores are responding with new ideas to compete. Several high-end stores are offering Internet sales presenting specific sale items that must be purchased during a short window of time as supplies last. I just read where a large mall in Beverly Hills, is responding to the Internet trend by doing a complete remodel on the mall. They now offers valet service with an adjacent valet elevator so clients can easily get to the tony stores on the top levels for shopping. Of course, this facilitates easily getting all of those purchases from the store to the car as well.

Although it is great fun to peruse merchandise from your favorite stores in the comfort of your home or office, it seems to me that there are more disadvantages to advantages in this form of shopping.

Fit comes to mind first. I ordered a few things online a couple of years ago. Of the four or five items I attempted to buy, only two items fit correctly. I returned one item, finding that it didn’t look nearly as good in real life as it did in the photo. Although a return authorization was provided, I had to go to the post office and mail it at my own expense. I thought the pair of ballet shoes would work but after wearing them a couple of times, they ended up going to the Good Will. All in all, I would have been much better off taking the time to visit the store and try everything on for myself.

I wonder how many of you have this same experience. Being able to try on clothing is important. Even within each brand, the sizes vary. And how many times have you tried on something that you thought would be adorable only to be disappointed. Conversely, how many times have you tried on something that you didn’t think would work only to find that it was fabulous once you put it on? I like to try everything on to determine how it looks.

How does it fit? Can it be altered? You can often return something to a store if your alterations person determines an alteration is not possible. Also, most stores offer alterations for a reasonable charge. You are able to determine before you make the purchase if the item is a good value including the alterations.

Are the color and/or pattern good for you? This is usually hard to tell from a picture. When you try on that unusual print blouse, you can tell if the print works with your features and body. Seeing a color against your skin helps determine if it is a good color on you or if it doesn’t really work.

As you can see, there are a number or reasons I prefer taking the time to visit a store so I can see what I am purchasing and feel the fabric. I also wonder how many of you internet shoppers have items hanging in your closet that you don’t really love but decided to keep because of the hassle of returning them or that you didn’t have time to find something else before an event.

And something tells me that Internet shoppers probably spend more money than those who go to the store. It is easy to sit at the computer and make a small purchase here and other one there only to be shocked when the credit card bill arrives.

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