At Last: Fashion for Grown Women!

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The Ann Klein Fashion show at Macy’s on Saturday revealed a fall line perfectly designed for a real woman. That is to say, it was designed to take you from the office to dinner or cocktails after work or to meetings and social gatherings while being appropriate for ladies over forty. Of course, the clothes looked great on the young models as well. The collection was predominantly black, accented with reds and some touches of plum and cobalt blue. The choice of slacks and skirts topped with sweaters and jackets over bright printed blouses, offered great versatility. It was easy to envision how a few of these pieces could work together to make an entire wardrobe.

Gray was interspersed to add variety. All of the blouses featured soft, feminine touches such as ruffles pleats or ties. One of my favorite sweaters was a simple long black cardigan worn over a red print blouse with a narrow belt at the waist. When the model turned around, the back of the sweater was a lacy knit that allowed the blouse to show through. What a fun touch of drama, still giving a professional look.

One of my top wardrobe strategies to give a fresh, new look is using texture and color to play against a basic background in order to give a variety to your wardrobe without requiring a closet full of pieces. This works very well for travel. Attention is drawn to the blouse or item with color or texture and the basic becomes a backdrop. Blouses from this collection had both visual texture through the prints and dimensional texture through ruffles, pleating or bows. Bling was adding through necklaces and bracelets.

Of course, this collection won’t work for many of us. If you have warm coloring, there was nothing that would work with your warm color palette. For those of you who need a softer color palette and don’t wear black well, going with the gray basics and the gray and cobalt print blouse might work. If you have been reading my articles for some time, you know that choosing a print that works for you is much more complex that it might seem. A couple of tips that will keep you away from really bad choices are; first, don’t buy a print if you don’t really love it. If you love it, there is something about the print that speaks to you. Secondly, you should do a “blink” test. Close your eyes for a bit while looking in the mirror. When you open your eyes, if you see the print first before you see you, the print is probably too intense for you.

In conclusion, I really liked the Ann Klein collection for its wear ability and versatility for the average woman. Tying a collection together through certain colors is a good thing as many more options are available. If black and the jewel-toned colors are not for you, look to other designers. This collection offers great ideas that can be adapted to your individual color palette.

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