Barrettes for Grownups

osted on April 21, 2011 by admin

Barrettes are no longer just for children. They were the toast of accessories for the spring runway shows. Chanel, Carolina Herrera and Rodarte were just a few of the designers using barrettes as hair accents.


Art Nouveau
The use of utilitarian plastic clips has been a source of irritation for many years. They are fine for restraining hair when one is cleaning house or jogging or going camping but, in my mind, have no place being worn for business or social occasions. I see ladies dressed beautifully and ruining the look by adding one of those ugly plastic clips.

I recently saw a lady wearing a beautiful designer suit, expensive jewelry and accessories only to have added a small plastic clip to control a wayward curl. How much better it would have been if she had taken a few minutes to tame the curl! That one little clip detracted from the elegance of what was otherwise a beautifully executed look.


Jewel Sophistication
Last Friday night, at the Decorators’ Show House opening soiree, where I was serving as a docent, I noticed one young woman, wearing a elegant long silk dress. It was perfectly accessorized but she had a bobby pin holding her long hair back from falling in her face. What a shame that one little careless touch diminished a beautiful style.


Tortoise Shell Barrette
Last Sunday, I noted a young woman at church wearing a silk blouse and pencil skirt with heels and Chanel handbag. She had her blonde hair pulled back, twisted and held up off her neck with a tortoise shell barrette. The look was casual yet sophisticated. The barrette was the perfect choice to serve a utilitarian purpose and still look finished.

I am so happy to see the resurgence of barrettes so that women have a stylish choice in ways to control their hair. If your hairstyle needs occasional restraint, check out the many options of grown up barrettes.

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