Beauty Bar

In a recent blog, I discussed the “Blow and Go” salons cropping up to assist busy women with a wash, dry and style service.  You have an important meeting or event to attend and did not have the hour plus to bring your hair from ponytail to glam.  Voila!  The new salon does it for you at an affordable price and in 45 minutes.

Meet its counterpart the “Makeup Bar”, often conveniently located next door to the  “Blow and Go” salon.  As you might imagine, this new concept started in Los Angeles with an original clientele of women in the entertainment industry.   They are now showing up in all major cities, including Atlanta.

Most of us don’t feel that we apply makeup as expertly as a trained makeup artist; especially the eye makeup.  How do you execute a smoky eye for day without looking like you are on your way to work as a cocktail waitress?  According to a study from research firm, Mintel , 78% of women feel makeup helps them look more professional.

Makeup and hair are the “frosting on the cake” of a put together look.  To start with the right colors and clothing selection that best project your authentic image, you want to know the colors and styles that work best for you.  That’s where Style With Aplomb can help!  Call or email or call 404-428-2527 to learn more.

A recent article quoted, Lori Sale, owner of the Makeup and Go salon in the Los Angeles, area.  A few years ago, when she worked as an actress, she was unable to get an appointment at a salon before an Academy Awards party so she went to a department store.  When she finished, she looked lovely but had $300 of makeup she had not wanted.  She added that the experience is often not satisfying in other ways.  “They put the latest color palette on you…if that’s not your color palette, you walk out looking like Bozo the Clown.”

Having your makeup professionally done is no longer just for weddings and proms.  You can now enjoy the luxury at a reasonable price and be assured that you look perfect for that important meeting, interview or party!

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