Beyond the Pashmina


How many times have you been at a gathering, trying to hold your pashmina on your shoulders to keep from freezing while juggling a glass of wine and plate of snacks?  Not only is it impossible, but there is no way to look poised and polished in the process.  Now, I love my pashminas but there has to be a better way to ward off the chill of air conditioning and still look stylish.  Fortunately, this year has introduced many options.

There is always the standby of a denim jacket for a casual event.  Last winter designers introduced the denim jacket for wear over formal evening wear but I draw the line on that concept.  Denim is a sporty, casual fabric so will be appropriate with a cotton dress or casual slacks ensemble.  I have a white denim jacket with little floral appliqué scattered randomly about.  The white and the appliqué make the jacket less sporty but I always keep the theme consistent.

Sweaters have become a wardrobe essential.  The shrugs and short cardigans are perfect for covering bare arms while keeping arms and hands free.  Slip on a shrug or cardigan and you can completely change the look of a dress or top.  Great versatility!

One of my favorite options is the wide variety of large scarves, wraps and a new item, the Ruana.  Pop on one of these and transform that little black dress or neutral outfit into a  stunning fashion  statement.


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