Bow Ties are In

Bow Ties are In!

Posted on August 17, 2011 by admin

Well, I’m not sure they have ever really been “in” or “out” but for a group of Atlanta men, they are definitely IN. I recently met Jay Austin, founder of Jay Austin Bow Ties and the Bow Tie Club in Atlanta.

Jay, a bow tie wearer for many years, received so many comments on his ties that he and his wife, Jennifer, decided to start their business. Jennifer custom makes each tie so that one is assured of top quality lining and workmanship. No clip-ons here. Each new tie wearer is given instructions on how to properly hand tie his new creation.

I attended one of the monthly Bow Tie Club meetings recently and met the most fascinating group of people. (Yes, ladies were welcome and no, I did not have to wear a bow tie!) Most were businessmen but there were also a few big surprises. One gentleman I spoke with was career army, having had two tours of duty in Iraq. After he told me that, I could see how he would look pretty formidable with his husky build when in fatigues but he was the antithesis in his taupe suit, pink shirt with white collar and cuffs and matching pink bow tie. He told me that he had had the shirt made while in Korea so I knew he had chosen the color himself. That told me he is really a gentle, romantic soul, which he confirmed. How fun to see a bow tie bring out the essence of who one is.

Another businessman I met had inherited many beautiful ties from his grandfather. Since they were not all in style now, he said he periodically chooses one to take in for Jennifer to remake into a bow tie. How fun is that?

Jay and Jennifer have a passion for helping homeless families so they donate 12% of their gross to Nicholas House. If you or someone in your life would like to have a change of image, I encourage you to get in touch with Jay and see if a bow tie might be the answer. Their web site is

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