Buying a trend? Give it an expiration date.

397749_EC250_1063_002_100_0000_Light-Princetown-crocodile-slipperAll designers hope to have that new hot item that everyone wants to own. One of the big winners this fall is Gucci’s leather, backless loafers lined with brown fur. For whatever reason, these shoes, priced at nearly $1000, flew off the shelves and now have a wait-list.

True, not many of us have a budget to even consider buying something so obviously trendy  but we are all faced with the dilemma of choosing that one-season item that will be great fun, add the right updated note, and not fall into the category of “What was I thinking?” This weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal featured an excellent article with suggestions on choosing wisely.0400088296764_247x329

“Any time a designer hits the right balance and makes a piece that’s coveted by women globally, there’s a real emotional response,” said Roopal Patel, fashion director at Saks. The key is to find that “IT” item that you absolutely love, then get it early before it becomes ubiquitous.   Ms. Patel suggests moving away from it a bit after it has become really popular so you don’t find yourself in a room with several other ladies wearing the same item.   Bring it back at an unexpected moment where you are wearing it by yourself.

2153935_Light_PinkStylist Tabitha Simmons says she never gets rid of once-trendy pieces but she introduces them back into her wardrobe paired her way – never wearing what resembles a costume.   If you absolutely love a trendy piece, something about it speaks to you. The key is to choose items reflect your personal style. By combining a new trend with some of your existing pieces, you have updated your look without letting it “speak too loudly”.0400087472470_247x329

Another way to enjoy a new trendy item is to choose that one hot new item as the single accent for an existing basics look. One stylist to some of the movie stars, suggested choosing a trendy fringe bag to accent a basic button-up shirt with leather leggings and flats. How simple is that?

0400087622928_247x329Each season brings trends that are hits and ones that fade away as distant memories. When you decide to buy something that you know will only be “in” for a season, have an expiration date in mind. The article suggested March, 2016 for the Gucci loafers.   No doubt the fur will be tired and dirty by that time and you will be ready to say good-by. These may fall into the “What was I thinking?” category.

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