By, By Platforms

I have been delighted to read numerous articles about the return of the flat sole.   Somehow, I was envisioning the return of shoes that served as an accessory to the outfit, shoes that didn’t scream to take center stage.  Silly me!  Did I think for one minute that shoe designers would step back into the shadows after having enjoyed the spotlight for so long?  It only takes one quick look through the different lines of spring shoes to realize how wrong I was.

Although platforms are still a part of new spring creations, the return to a flat sole is clearly evident.    Also evident, is shoe designers desire to keep the spotlight on their shoes!  If we thought some of the platform creations were dramatic, well, we “ ain’t seen nothin’ yet”!

Fortunately, most lines include a nice selection of pumps, ballet flats, wedges, boots and smoking slippers.  Heel heights range from flat, mid to high heel and toes can be rounded to very pointed or a peep-toe.  It’s your choice.

I chose some of the more extreme to share from Tom Ford, Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin, although there are some incredible examples from lesser- known designers.    The “boots” are by Tom Ford.  Obviously, one is not wearing these as real boots with a sandal at the foot.  I have seen several iterations of this look for spring and remain puzzled.  I’m not exactly sure what look it will support but it is dramatic and makes a statement.

The hot pink ankle strap is another statement shoe.  This is one of the less extreme ankle strap shoes I have seen.  Any ankle strap, especially a wide one, cuts the leg line so if you don’t have very long legs, it probably isn’t the most flattering look; even if you do want a statement.

Christian Louboutin’s multi colored design is another statement in itself.  It could rock a simple dress but the person who wears this will need as much presence as the shoe to pull it off.  A more subtle option is to wear long wide legged white trousers.  The shoes would show when you walked or sat down.  A n umber of women could pull that off.

My preference is to choose shoes that support my clothing and can be worn with different outfits so the garments get the attention and not the shoes.  If you love statement shoes, by all means splurge on one or two pair and let the rest of your look support the shoes.  Above all, enjoy!

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