Can You Read a Face?

Posted on October 6, 2009 by admin 

I recently attended an Atlanta Women in Business meeting where one of the members introduced her guest, Naomi Tickle, author of You Can Read a Face Like a Book.  I was thrilled as Naomi had been a presenter at the international meeting of AICI about three years ago and, having been unable to attend her seminar, I bought her CDs.  After the meeting, Naomi, having heard me introduce myself as an image consultant, came over to me and we talked for nearly a half an hour.  

She first suggested that I should wear a necklace with my sweater.  I was amazed since the sweater set I was wearing always seems “undressed” without a necklace but I was running late getting to my meeting and didn’t take time to add a necklace.  She told me that the shape of my eyebrows was an indicator that I needed some drama, thus the suggestion of a necklace.  Some twenty years ago, I read Metamorphosis, by David Kibbe and tested as a “Dramatic Classic”.   With that basis, I have always known that I like a touch of drama but had arrived at that conclusion through a different method.  By this time, I was hooked!  She also pointed out that I probably was quite formal.  She had no idea that my home looks a lot more like Versailles than Crate and Barrel.  Of course, I bought a copy of her book and am looking forward to taking her up on her offer to spend some time with me the next time I get to the San Francisco area.

Reading the book at home, I kept assessing my husband, much to his chagrin.  Using her methods, I discovered that he has a long distance from his nose to his chin (that’s the Czech ancestry) indicating that he is tenacious.  No surprise there!  Then the longer distance from the base of his nose to his lips indicates a dry sense of humor.  That is certainly right on.  After being married for 23 years, he still cracks me up  with an unexpected remark.  His forehead is sloped back and mine is straight so he is an objective thinker and I am sequential.  How true!  When we recently were facing moving from our home into a condo, I was strategizing on what to move to the smaller area and how to arrange  everything and he was throwing thing into his truck and moving them!

The book is a fascinating read.  To be sure, I know just enough to be dangerous so I don’t plan to put out my shingle as an expert face-reader but from my limited experience, the principles certainly seem to be accurate.   For those of you who find this kind of information intriguing, I would highly recommend getting a copy.  Then the next time you meet a new person at a social gathering you can drop something like,  “I’ll bet you love adventure” or “You strike me as being highly imaginative.”  You will be the most interesting person at the gathering!

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