Celebrate Spring

The calendar tells us it is spring but  temperatures are clinging steadfastly to winter!    In spite of colder temperature, blossoms are bravely emerging with the promise that spring is really here.

As with every spring,  these long-awaited tree and flower blossoms just take my breath away.  As I observe this spectacular display of beauty, I am reminded of how each variety has a beauty all its own.  The tulips and daffodils, standing so straight and proper, adorned with just one or two blossoms are true minimalists.  Japanese Magnolias, with their tulip-like blossom present themselves in a bubble of soft color, giving the tree the appearance of a giant, pink ice cream cone.  Delicate, wild looking forsythia branches covered with joyful yellow blooms, invite you to skip through a meadow.  Conversely, the delicate, pink cherry blossoms convey a feeling of fragile beauty and femininity.

In observing how each species has a beauty all its own and each conveys a different message, I am struck with how similar we are, each with our own individual beauty.   We would think it ludicrous if the forsythia grumbled because it wished to be an azalea or the tulip wanted to be a pansy but we don’t think it unusual if we look at someone with a different type of beauty than ours and wish that we were like her.

A fun exercise to do is to think of your favorite flower.  Consider what attributes draw you to love that particular flower.  Often you will realize that the flower represents you.  I know of one woman who loves white tulips.  She is very competent and efficient and dresses in an understated, minimalist way.  Another lady loves an amaryllis.  This is the person who will never walk into a room unnoticed.  Her magnetic personality and sparkle telegraph to everyone that she is present.  Yet another woman absolutely loves a sunflower.  She, also has a bigger than life personality and presence.   Each person will be drawn to a particular flower that reflects a blend of her personality and appearance.

As we marvel as each new flower emerges this spring, let’s also marvel at our own unique beauty and savor the beauty with which we have been designed.

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