Choosing the right style for your body – part 2

An Inverted Triangle is the body that has wider shoulders than hips. This body shape is often found with swimmers as they have developed strong arm and shoulder muscles from hours of practice. The key here is to draw attention away from the shoulder width and add visual width to the hips. 0466486578752_247x329Notice the contrast between the red and navy print dress and the black. The print draws attention to the shoulder and exaggerates the width. This would offer a perfect way of balancing someone’s body with narrow shoulders but it is not a good choice for the inverted triangle.

Exaggerates the shoulders.  (Saks)
Exaggerates the shoulders. (Saks)

Compare this to the black leather dress. The “V” neckline is narrow on the black dress, drawing your eye up to the face and the shoulder line does not extend all the way to the shoulder causing your eye not to really “see” the shoulder width. Being constructed of a heavier medium, the skirt keeps its form and appears slightly wider than the hips giving visual balance to the body. This model might have a triangle shape or hourglass. It is impossible to tell with the dress structure but it is an excellent design to give visual balance to an inverted triangle.

Beautiful for hourglass or triangle.  (Saks)
Beautiful for hourglass or triangle. (Saks)

Of course, the Hourglass is the body shape everyone longs to have! It, like all the others, has its challenges but is often easier to find clothes that fit well. The body of an hourglass has shoulders and hips the same width with a defined waist that usually form an arc at the side.  Some hourglass figures will loose some of the waist definition as the body changes. If so, choose styles that draw less attention to the waist. This peach-colored dress is a good style for an hourglass with a defined waist. The gray and white dress from last week is also an excellent choice for an hourglass.
Contrary to appearances, the last image for body shape is not a snowman!

Soft belt for Figure 8.  (Saks)
Soft belt for Figure 8. (Saks)

It is a Figure Eight depicting the body with a high hipbone. This body is similar to a rectangle but usually has a defined waist making an abrupt indentation due to a high hipbone. The biggest challenge is finding clothing that will accommodate this width immediately below the waist. Of course, many styles that would be complementary for a rectangle, would also be good for a figure eight. This blue and gray print is softly belted in defining the waist and is ideal for the figure 8. The waist is defined but there is room to accommodate the high hipbone without causing the garment to pull.

As you can see, there is not a perfect body shape but just a variety of styles from which to choose in order to make your body shape look its best. How great is that! Once you know your unique body shape and which styles are the most becoming, you can always present your most beautiful you!

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