Color: Harmony or Clash

May 10,2018

Create beauty by using color combinations that harmonize.

Great for softer image.
Complementary colors are really popular this spring-summer. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed three men at church using complementary colors. They each had a different nuance but had each chosen orange and blue. Orange has been popular for a while but not worn with blue. One man wore a shirt in a rich shade of blue with white collar and cuffs with his navy suit, accented with an orange tie featuring a dark-blue designs. It was truly striking. The others used varying shades of orange and blue and were not so impactful but all were memorable.
Fun strong colors for the dynamic personality.
Complementary colors are those colors directly across the color wheel from each other. Think of red and green, blue and orange, and violet and yellow. Using these colors in the same intensity can be overpowering. Red and green remind us of the holidays but no one wants to look like a Christmas tree!
Taking a tip from nature, do not use equal amounts of each color. The holly branch, abundant with rich, green leaves just uses just a touch of red berries. A violet uses that color for the entire flower but adds just a teaspoon of yellow in its throat. This is a great guide for how to achieve a harmonious effect.
Great use of bright and subdued.
Varying the intensity of the colors will offer more options in combining the colors. Remember that it takes energy to wear bright colors but choosing softer shades will be perfect for a softer personality or coloring.
If you would love to jump on this trend, here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Remember to keep the scale of the print appropriate for your scale. You want to present you and the garment as whole, not see the dress coming and realize later that it’s you who is wearing it! If you are not a print person, the shaded green dress pops the subdued look with red booties.  Of course, you might not love that style dress but the color is what we are focusing on.
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Images from Saks.

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