Color Me Spring

Color Me Spring and Summer.

Pink and coral = hues of pink
Rosy hues – coral and pink
Each season we look forward to seeing the colors and styles designers are featuring for the season.  I doubt that designers get together and decide what they are going to feature but somehow there seems to be a theme each season.  This spring includes rosy hues, aubergine, tangerine, marigold, dusty blue, and neutrals.

Dusty blue
Bring on summer
Get ready for summer
Focusing on the rosy hues, one can find an abundance of garments in varying shades of red, pink, coral or scarlet.   Everyone has a shade of red that is flattering. When doing a client’s color analysis, I choose the colors matching skin tone, hair and eyes then go to choosing the right red. Rich shaded red like burgundy or toasted rust can add a welcome alternative to the traditional neutrals, breathing a breath of fresh air into the traditional assortment of black, navy, brown and grey.

Bright Scarlet
Nature brings its own rosy hues in the abundant blossoms of azaleas, flowering plumbs trees, redbuds and the myriad of other spring blossom. These beautiful shades will still look fresh throughout the warm summer months.

Then there is aubergine-the French name for eggplant. This shade of purple has a warmer tone than what we normally think of as purple. Like burgundy, shades of purple, can add variety and interest to your basic wardrobe.
With such a wide array of colors from which to choose, you will haves excellent choices of new items to add. It will be easy revitalize your spring wardrobe and feel like you have a completely new wardrobe!
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