Do you “Cocktail”?



Makeup “cocktailing” has become a trend that cosmetic manufacturers are learning to accept. No longer is the average customer loyal to just one brand.

There is a reason why department stores place the cosmetic section near the busiest entrance door. Ladies love to see the new colors, test the latest fragrance or succumb to an invitation to have a quick make over. Each company has a well-trained representative who skillfully shows you how beautiful the whole line is on you and convinces you that the best result can only be achieved by using their brand.   This process helps the cosmetic section maintain its distinction as being the most lucrative department of the store.images-6

But, change is happening. Thanks to Sephora, who offers over 200 brands of cosmetics, customers have a wide variety from which to choice. The sales people are knowledgeable in all of the brands and the customer is allowed to browse each section of the store, testing and experiencing various products.     A customer may use three different brands of mascara, to create the look she wants and another brand of foundation. She may use a variety of eye shadows or lipstick, mixing them to create her personal color. The cocktail customer may actually purchase more cosmetic without brand loyalty.

I really like the idea of mixing makeup brands to achieve your best look.  However, moisturizers and lotions are one area where I choose to be very selective. I want a product that is free of chemicals. Your skin is your largest organ through which lotions and creams absorb into your body. Many products, even expensive high-end ones, are loaded with chemicals. I get enough pollutants by living in a city so I look for natural products that work with my sensitive skin and are chemical free. imgres-4Some of the brands I have researched and trust are Arbonne, which is developed in Swiss labs but manufactured in the US. Kiehl has been around for many years and is carried by department stores.   They use word of mouth rather than advertising, which is reflected in their pricing. A new product that I really like is Neal’s Yard Remedies (NYR), an all natural British product that has recently become available in the US. Both NYR and Arbonne are sold by individual reps.  Natural lotions are also available at Whole Foods and some health food stores.

Maintaining beautiful skin provides a perfect canvas on which to paint your most beautiful portrait.

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