Do Your Feet Hurt?

images-5A new study from the UK has just concluded that more than half of women and one third of men have purchased shoes that do not fit properly. This is shocking considering that most of us buy several pairs a year and that so much of our comfort is tied to happy feet.

Surprisingly, people’s feet tend to get larger as they age. Most people have not had their feet measured since they were in grade school.   The article recommended annual measurements to check your foot size. Even if your feet do not grow larger, they often change in small ways that can cause shoes to fit improperly.

I remember as a child having an adult cousin who had only one source from which to order her size 9 AAAA.   Not only was the length unusually long for a lady at that time but the narrow width was very rare.   Today Nordstrom is taking note of demand for larger sizes while manufacturers such as Stuart Weitzman and Cole Haan are adding extended sizes to their inventory. Sadly, this does not address those ladies with very small feet who now have to find shoes in the children’s department. images-7I have a narrow foot and find most manufacturers who used to carry a nice selection of AA or AAA shoes, no longer offer them.   Marmi in Lenox Square still offers a good selection of widths and lengths that are reasonably priced.

Shopping on line is used more and more by busy people lacking time to search through store. Unfortunately, it often results in choices that would not be made if one had been in a store.

images-9Most specialists concerned with foot health agree that over a 2” heel can cause foot damage. The pointed toe tends to crowd toes and cause pain. Since a pointed toe helps create a longer, leaner leg line, I find the modified pointed toe most wearable unless you have a very wide foot.

A wedge gives a more solid foundation for the foot and offers better support. Sandals generally offer very little arch support. Nor do ballet slippers, especially those with really flexible soles.

My suggestion is to take the time to shop for your shoes, try them on and walk around the store for a bit. Most stores will allow you to return shoes that do not fit as long as you have tested them on carpet and they have no evidence of wear.images-6 Yes, this takes more time but how much better to have shoes that fit properly without causing permanent foot damage.

Happy feet last a lifetime.

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