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Although I just wrote two blogs on spring fashion trends, the day has finally arrived when these trends have become suggestions instead of dictates.   David Wolfe, creative director of Doneger Group, has been analyzing style trends for 41 years.  He recently told a room full of retail executives, “There are no more style trends.  Everything is in style.”  Wow!

We love to watch old films if for no other reason than to either giggle or long wistfully over the fashions.   The flapper look of the 1920’s, the very fitted suits with long skirts of the 1940’s, miniskirts of the 1960’s to name a few, all furnish us with ideas for costume parties or fill us with nostalgia.   I remember those minis of the 60’s being so short that breathing could cause embarrassment.  One creative manufacturer included panties that matched the dress to avoid over exposure.  It was probably a blessing that I was too conservative to wear minis myself!  Each decade offered a distinguished style, different enough from the previous one that one looked very “yesterday” if past favorites were worn.

Today, pants ranging from wide legged to skinny and every width in between are shown side by side – often by the same designer.  Skirt lengths, although usually above the knees or mini, can also be found in longer lengths.   Jackets have a wide variety of styles, including various jacket and sleeve lengths.   Finally, women are able to be stylish in clothes that work for them – body shape, age-appropriate, and personality.  It may take some extra work to find the store that carries your style but it is out there.

With the trend toward more lasting clothes styles, I suggest you buy the best quality you can afford in your classics pieces, especially wools for the cooler months.  Higher quality fabrics will cost more but they last longer without showing wear.  For example, there are two brands of slacks that fit me very well so I have a wardrobe of black, grey, brown, navy and winter white at all times.  Because the wool is good quality, these core pieces will last three or four seasons so I can replace a particular color when I know it is reaching its limit of wearability.    In this way, I am only purchasing one or two pair of slacks a season and have the possibility of finding them on sale.    Other wardrobe items can be rotated in the same way.  Summer clothes need to be replaced more frequently as the fabrics do not hold up as well but they are generally not as expensive.   This is the season that you can really throw in some fun pieces that you might want to keep only for a season.

So let’s make the most of the “Everything is in style” trend for as long as it lasts!

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