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I met Naomi Tickle about a year ago at a meeting here in Atlanta.  Naomi is known for her work in “personology”, the art of reading people’s faces.   On hearing me introduce myself as an image consultant, she came right over after the meeting and we had a delightful conversation.  She had studied under Suzanne Caygill who was the pioneer of matching color with an individual’s natural coloring and personality.  Suzanne’s work dates back to the 1940’s, some thirty years before Carol Jackson’s “Color Me Beautiful” was published.  I mentioned to Naomi that I would like to become more expert about the nuances of prints and she graciously invited me to visit her in Petaluma where she would share her knowledge with me.  I learned that Naomi worked as a color consultant for clients and taught Suzanne’s color concepts before she chose to devote her full energy to reading people’s faces.

What Naomi does works hand in hand with guiding a client to using colors that best compliment her/her total person.  I use diagnostics to help identify whom a client is deep down and we select the color palette coupling that information with the client’s natural skin, hair and eye colors.  Prints work the same way.  For example, a couple of nights ago I was watching a news show where a woman panelists was wearing a lime green jacket with white piping and a floral print blouse.  This panelist has bone structure which clearly defines her cheek and jaw, straight eyebrows and a straight, fairly thin mouth.  Her answers indicate that she is direct and businesslike.  Thus, nothing in her persona indicated roundness or the softness of flowers.  A print with straight lines and angles would have been much better.  The jacket style with piping was an excellent style but her skin tone is cool so the lime green drained the color from her face.

I spent an enlightening hour with Naomi and picked up a number of good concepts.  She has invited me back to spend more time which will also include more of Suzanne Caygill’s complex color theory.  I am already strategizing  how I can work out another trip to  the Bay area.

When I called my husband and our buddy, Dave, to pick me up, Naomi offered to do a mini face reading for each of them.  Joe has been exposed to her work as I have read her book at home but Dave was completely in the dark.  He volunteered to be first and she immediately said, “You enjoy music.”  “How did you know that?” Dave demanded.   Dave plays the piano beautifully and worked his way through college playing for Opryland.  As her analysis continued with complete accuracy,  he accused me of feeding her information about him.  Next it was Joe’s turn.  Her first comment was that he is very sensitive since he has extremely fine hair.  Bingo!  She also said he has a dry sense of humor.  Bingo, again!   Although we have been married twenty-four years, he still can throw me into peels of laughter with some unexpected, off the wall comment.  When she felt his jaw line and said, “Hmmm.  You’re stubborn.  You’re really stubborn.”  I burst out laughing.

This is all great fun but it serves an important purpose as well.  Naomi works with corporations in helping them assess which employees are best suited for different positions.  She does individual career counseling and helps couples with relationship issues.   You can imagine how beneficial it would be to understand that many things your spouse does simply reflects how he or she is wired.  If they are wired differently than you, they are going to respond differently to situations.  When Joe and I recognized that we are wired absolutely opposite from each other, it has helped us avoid a lot of confrontations and often prompts us each to look at things in a different way.

Naomi comes to Atlanta several times a year so if you are ever interested in hearing her speak, would like to invite her to speak to a group or just spend a bit of time with her, you can check her schedule at   Naomi Tickle naomitickl@aol.com.  She is a delightful lady with an amazing area of expertise.

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