Eyes on the Runway

The dresses were amazing!   These unique designs were creations of students throughout Georgia.  They were beautiful modeled by eye care providers.

So what was this unusual fashion show?  It was the Night of Spectacles annual fundraiser for the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation.  I’m sure you have noticed those collection boxes for old glasses in the offices of eye care providers.   I have seen them for years and have donated many pair of glasses to them.  The Lions club has helped sponsor the Lighthouse Foundation for as long as I can remember.  This foundation helps provide glasses, hearing aids and eye surgeries for people who can’t afford to buy them.   What’s more, they send thousands of pair of used glasses to countries throughout the world.

A few years ago, someone came up with the idea of challenging students at SCAD to design dresses using parts from glasses that were too badly damaged to be reused.  The designs were presented in a runway show.  This year the challenge was presented to students throughout the state university   system.   The project is reminiscent of Project Runway with each participant challenged to come up with a design using old eye-glasses!  Designers were from colleges throughout the state and the winner was a high school student.

It was a wonderful evening with over five hundred in attendance.  The Lighthouse was able to raise an incredible $229,000!  Just think of all the patients who will be able to see or hear with that help.   I was proud to be a part of the live auction and will be meeting with my client next week.

So the next time you see a collection box for old glasses, you know how important your donation will be for someone who can’t see.  And, who knows.  We may see some of these young designers creations on the runway in New York!



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