Fall Shoes: What’s in Store?

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Chewing Gum by Kobi Levi

I have been looking at new fall shoe styles and am happy to tell you: There are many choices. Unlike past seasons where trendy styles were about all that was offered, you can find most anything that fits with your wardrobe.

Prada at Saks

Trendy: Prada, is on the cutting edge of style as one might anticipate. Their fall pumps feature heavy, stylized heels with platforms. Though fun and trendy, they are very heavy looking. If you want your feet to be the main attraction, this is the way to do it!

Lise Jacobsen at Arthur Beren

Boots: Boots have enjoyed a prime spot in shoe fashion for several years now. This year, boots, in general, have a more utilitarian look. There are lumberjack boots, mud boots, riding boots, cowboy boots and wedge-soled boots. Add ankle boots to the mix along the ever present UGGs. With few exceptions, these styles read casual and appear bulky. They won’t work with a skirt or dress. Clearly, boots will not be as big an item in the dressier category.

Prevata at Arthur Beren

Ballet Flats: Every store features ballet flats in a wide variety of styles and colors. These are not only comfortable to wear but practical for many occasions. Ballet flats can be worn with pants, skirts, dresses and even some evening ensembles. I just purchased a pair of Cole Haan that features the Nike Air sole. They cute and stylish as well as comfortable for walking.

Van Eli at Marmi

Pumps: There are far fewer super-high heels this fall. I, for one, am most appreciative of moving past this trend. Most pumps are shown with rounded toes but Stuart Weitzman and Van Eli can be depended upon to feature some pointed toes each season. This year, you can find both mid and high heels with pointed toes. Don’t get excited about being able to pull out that favorite pair of pointed toed heels you have from a few years ago, however. These toes have a much shorter point. A pointed toe is slimming and helps give a long leg line. As a rule they are a more flattering look for most women but a must if you have a narrow foot and smaller bone structure. The lady with larger bone structure and wider feet will probably achieve better balance with a less delicate appearing shoe so the new sturdier heels with rounded toes can be very flattering.

Van Eli at Marmi

Driving Moccs: Driving moccs make a great addition for the fall lineup in varied styles and colors. They work for most any casual occasion offering a classy look with comfort.


Lace-ups: For those of you who need flat shoes with comfort and good support, this is your season! There are a variety of great styles out there from which to choose. These will always be more casual but it is such a pleasure to have practical shoes be fashionable. Of course, the lace-up is not limited to flats. You can find them in heels, wedges and boots.

Prada at Saks

I find that Cole Haan store, located in Phipps Plaza, offers a good selection of styles with the Nike Air comfort sole and they are reasonably priced. I also like Sesto Meucci and Amalfi. Van Eli has a wide range of styles from casual to very dressy. Marmi in Lenox Square has a wide range of styles; moderate price range and they carry narrow widths as well as a few wide widths. Stuart Weitzman in Lenox, although more pricy, has a nice selection as well. Saks carries Prada and some of the more cutting edge styles. I also check Arthur Beren in San Francisco who does a huge Internet business. They have a huge selection, including narrow widths, limited selection in wide widths and men’s shoes. And just for giggles, we added “Chewing gum” Kobi Levi, an Israeli designer! You can find more of his creations through Google.

There’s a shoe for everyone this season. Your biggest problem will be narrowing your choices down to what works with your budget!

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