Fashion Focus

It’s a New Year!  Goals!  Resolutions! Focus, focus, focus!

One look at the new fashions arriving in stores, and it is evident that focus is more necessary than ever to achieve a stylish look that projects your style.

Recently, designers have been pushing the envelope with more bold combinations of colors, fabrics and styles; some work and some don’t.  How do you choose the right look for you?

Over the holidays, I was struck by two very different looks, neither of which was executed well.

Example 1:  A lovely, refined, blonde lady caught my attention at a holiday luncheon.  She wore a long wrapped leopard skin print skirt.  It was not one of those muted prints but fairly large size with strong color definition.  With this she had chosen a sculpted velvet jacket in a deep golden brown.  The sculpting formed a design on the back of the jacket.  She added a belt with large elephant head buckle and completed the outfit with snakeskin shoes.   Where was the focus?  There was so much going on, one’s eye got dizzy just trying to take it all in.  Any one of these items could have been the total focus but one needed to be dominate.  As it was, all were fighting for the spotlight.  The jacket would have been beautiful for this elegant lady had she worn it over an ivory dress, for example, the refinement of the velvet could take the spotlight to support her soft look.  She might have even worn the snakeskin shoes or accented with the belt for a secondary focal point.   Leopard print has a dramatic earthy feel, which would work well for a dramatic person but didn’t really complement this lady’s delicate appearance.

Example 2:  The youth worship team at our church filled in for the choir one Sunday.  The thirtyish female lead singer, again blonde with blue eyes, was wearing a short, ivory chiffon cocktail dress with a sunburst of sequins radiating out from the empire waist.  She then added faded skinny jeans with brown buckled boots and topped off the look off with a black linen blazer.   Total disconnect with elements!  There is no way jeans could work with a chiffon cocktail dress.  Buckled boots say “casual, sporty” so they were good with the jeans but didn’t relate in any way with the dress.  What if she had chosen black or bright colored tights with matching platform shoes?  Edgy, sure but it would have been in keeping with the youthful look she was trying to achieve.  Since the jacket had a feminine cut, it could have even worked.  As it was, I was so distracted by this disassociated combination of elements; I had trouble enjoying the music!

As the cruise and spring lines arrive in stores, you will find an abundance of color contrast and pattern combinations.  Need some help tiptoeing through this minefield?  That’s what we are here for.  404-428-

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