Fashion, Smashion! Why Bother?

Posted on September 16, 2010 by admin 

Does it make any difference if I dress for comfort and not for how I look? Last week I wrote about sitting at Starbuck’s in Lenox Mall and observing at least half the people in the mall wearing oversized shirts, cargo short and flip-flops. It was discouraging to observe how many people who apparently have the attitude of, “Why bother?”

As an image consultant, I want to present myself in a positive fashion. When I’m out and about, even if it is at the grocery store, I am never sure of who I might meet. It might be a client or someone I would like to have as a client! But beyond that, I feel better when I am well put together. I stand taller, smile more and have more confidence.

A couple of months ago, I was running some errand and my husband asked me to pickup something at Lowe’s. Having come from an event, I was wearing a summer dress and high heeled sandals. As I was hurrying through Lowe’s, no less than five clerks and/or customers complimented me on how nice I looked. Now shopping at Lowe’s was not on my list of things I really wanted to do but it turned out to be a highlight of my day. Obviously, even people in a store catering to a do-it-yourself clientele, appreciate someone well dressed.

We recently went to a play in which our 14 year old granddaughter had a lead part. She usually slouches with her shoulders forward and speaks rapidly and indistinctly. Her role in the play was the sophisticated city cousin. We noticed how tall she stood with shoulders back as she played the part in heels and sophisticated sheaths. Her speech was clear and distinct. I don’t think the change was all due to the play director. I think she was proud of her appearance.

So, why do so many people spend hours working out, jogging and exercising then cover up all those great results with the easiest thing within reach? Why do so many ladies get regular mani-pedis, facials and great haircuts only to diminish the effect by dressing in workout clothes?

Perhaps casual, unpressed clothes have become so much the norm from grade school through college that people don’t stop to think about how they really look.

I encourage each of you who have fallen into this habit: Take a fresh look at yourself before you leave the house. First impressions happen in less than 20 seconds. Consider the old adage that how a person appears reflects the work they do. Don’t risk that promotion or job interview or maybe just meeting some fantastic people by not presenting your most fantastic YOU!

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