Featured for Fall

One of my favorite activities is to attend a fashion show featuring the new looks of the season.  It is so much more fun to see the styles on actual models than just look at them on hangers.

Recently, I have attended shows for Rena Lange and Escada.  These are both German designers who use incredible fabrics and each season present beautiful designs that will last many seasons to come.  Their designs are superb for the businesswoman or the woman who is not drawn to trends but wants traditional pieces that will endure.  I have some Escada pieces that are probably ten years old, still very much in style, and look as good as the day I bought them.

Both shows featured some wonderful daytime looks and some for evening.  I was especially drawn to a gray tweed jacket from Rena Lange.  The photo does not show the exquisite detailed inset of black at the waist but you will notice the convertible collar.  This jacket could top a black, gray or white skirt or pants with no problem.   Or, it would give a whole different look to a great sheath.  How about pairing it with plum?  There are almost an infinite number of options.  Both of these brands are fairly expensive, but if your budget allows, one key purchase could give you years of enjoying looking fabulous.

I also loved the combination of cream with gray that Rena Lange featured.   This cream sweater would be a great staple in your wardrobe as well.  The longer style is new and fresh and could also be paired with a wide range of neutrals as well as colors, adding great wardrobe mileage.

At Escada, classy suits were included,  but I especially liked the dresses.  Dresses continue to be an important fashion statement.  Escada said they “heard us” and have added sleeves to many of their fall designs.  Not only do the sleeves seem more appropriate for the fall/winter season (I am always jarred by women news commentators wearing sleeveless dresses in the dead of winter) but also not everyone is at their best with an exposed upper arm!

To see these beautiful lines in person, visit Neiman Marcus upper level.

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