First Ladies Inaugural Gowns

First Ladies’ Inaugural Gowns

Inaugural Gown In History
Barbara Bush was our favorite grandmother.  She was not afraid of speaking her mind and not bothered by being a bit more rotund.   In honor of her recent passing, I chose to feature her first. Her dress was a rich, deep blue; ideal with her snowy white hair and her spunky personality.  Her designer chose a perfect style for her. The full skirt was pulled up on one side at the waist adding asymmetry, which gives the illusion of a much smaller waist than Mrs. Bush actually had. This dress was one of my favorites because it was so perfect for her.
Rosalynn Carter’s dress surprised me. She is a “natural” in appearance and while this lovely dress with long coat was truly elegant in choice of fabric and all of the adornment, it did not fit her innate style. Although the dress did not connect with her persomal style, it was lovely and everyone needs to be “queen for a day”.

Nancy Reagan chose an off shoulder white beaded dress. Although she was older, she was a size 4 and masterfully chose beautiful, age-appropriate styles, perfectly suited for her unique image.   Jackie Kennedy had been one of the most beautifully dressed first ladies in memory but Nancy Reagan joined her in representing the position so tastefully. I was disappointed that Jackie’s  inaugural gown was not included in the collection.

Laura Bush was especially lovely in her second inaugural gown. She is a classic style-impeccably put together but nothing too extreme. Her first gown was white but she especially wanted red for the second inauguration of her husband.Red brought out her sparkle and energy. I wonder if she chose red because she was  more confident in her role after four years.  Beautiful choice.
This last gown was shown on the internet with other First Ladies gowns but not attributed to anyone. I loved it as an example of earlier gowns.
We’ve come a long way, Baby!
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