Flowers for Men??

If you’re not planning a trip to Hawaii or Tahiti, don’t worry.  Flowers are in right here in the United States!  Designers will be bringing flowers in full force in the spring but clothiers will be introducing more and more flowers into fall collections.

Flowered shirts and swimwear don’t seem to be unusual in warm or tropical settings.  After all, you are surrounded with vibrantly colored flowers and greenery.  In fact, a conservative navy or gray suit would look out of place.  However, northern cities are replete with black, gray and navy business suits so the man wearing a bright floral shirt with his suit is going to attract a lot of attention.  Not necessarily positive!

I am sure this trend is going to be much more popular in cities like Los Angeles, Phoenix, or Miami but if you want to just dip your toe into flowerdy waters, there are some more conservative options.

The new “Aloha” shirts have a slimmer cut with a smaller collar for an updated look.  Some of the patterns look more camouflage than a florist shop.   These updated shirts would look cool with denim, good chinos or white pants.   Dockers or white Converse could complete the look.  You could even throw on an unstructured linen blazer.

If this is a little too bold for your style, but you would like to do flowers, New Balance has come out with sneakers with a subtle flowered lining.  How safe is that?  You will also find simple solid T-shirts with a floral design on the pocket.  Of course, flowered socks would be a natural way to subtly incorporate a flower or two into your business style.   Ties will be adding many floral options.

On the extreme side, you will be seeing floral trousers, jackets and even suits.  I’m thinking these may never make the stores in more conservative cities, which is a good thing!

If your style is more like Tom Hanks, you may want to pass on this trend; but if your style is on the creative side like Johnny Depp, you may have fun throwing in a few flowers.  No matter where you are on the men’s fashion scale, flowers are coming and you can choose how you want to brighten your closet . . . . or , maybe not!

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