Forties Revisited


Do you remember watching old ‘40’s films with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dancing their way through the story?  Or, have you looked at pictures of your mother or grandmother and giggled at the funny clothes?  Well, they’re back!

Surprisingly, there is very little difference between the peplum dresses of 2012 and the ones of the 1940’s.  Now if you are lucky enough to have some of these dresses stashed away in a trunk, don’t get too excited about recycling unless you want to go vintage.  As you have guessed, there is enough style difference that the practiced eye will be able to distinguish between “new” and “old”.

Kate Middleton has been seen looking stylish in a peplum suit, which is most flattering for her hourglass figure.

If you are thinking of adding this new/old fashion to your wardrobe, the choices are seemingly endless. There is something becoming to most any body shape. I even found one dress shown among the peplum dresses that would be beautiful for an oval body shape.  Only a triangle will find it difficult to wear a peplum without accentuating her larger hips.

The white peplum dress with the short skirt would be perfect for a shapely hour glass or figure 8 with a small waist.  Notice how the shoulders balance the peplum, accentuating a small waist.  The other white dress with the added fabric at the hips would work beautifully for an inverted triangle.  This added width would balance slim hips with wider shoulders.

The pink sleeveless dress has a hint of a high peplum and would work well for a rectangle.  It just skims over the waist and draws attention toward the bust.  The turquoise dress is quite versatile and could be worn by an hour glass, figure 8, rectangle


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