From Gram to Glam


“Are you available September 21?”   I was a bit puzzled by the question but a quick check of my calendar indicated that I was, indeed, available.    When I responded affirmatively, the next question blew me away.  “Would you like to model for a style show at Bloomingdales?”   So this would my Cinderella moment!

After sending off photos, etc. I get a phone call from Robert Ballew who was staging the event.  Emails flew with sizes, measurements, and, as you can well imagine, my suggestions of what I could and could not wear!  There would be three different looks so the appointment was set to come for fittings.  My hair and makeup would be earlier in the day on Friday.


Excitement!  Trepidation!  Would they find any shoes that I could keep on my  AAA width foot?  My haircut was scheduled the next week.  Could I trust anyone new in cutting my fine, super-straight hair?  Without a good cut, my hair is a disaster.  Would I break out with the make-up?  (I have reacted from chemicals in expensive lines, requiring a dermatologist.)

Thursday, between appointments, I slip over to Bloomingdales to see what Robert had chosen for me to wear.  Let’s see, a blue jersey day dress with taupe shoes.  Not bad.  The dress fit like a glove and the shoes didn’t fall off.  Next dress:  a black lace over nude.  Cute cocktail or out to dinner look.  The nude softened the black so that it was not too harsh for my coloring.  Robert had paired it with some hot pink suede shoes and later added a bright yellow clutch for the show.  Adorable.  Maybe a little more than I would have done but adorable.  Finally, there was the plum colored evening dress with embellishment and pink gold evening slippers.  (The night of the event, he added a chinchilla stole and evening clutch.)   My trepidation is evaporating.


Friday, it’s off to Skanda for hair.  The owner had called and reassured me the girl he assigned had lots of training in cut so I’m going for it.  It was a fun experience and she did a beautiful cut, changing my style slightly.  Now, it’s off to Bloomingdales again, this time for makeup.  Glamour takes a lot of time!

Shahnaz at the YSL counter was doing the makeup.  My husband has always found my makeup too strong when I have had it done, so I was expecting a very dramatic look.  Shahnaz was different.  She placed eyeliner right at the base of my lashes, giving definition but not creating a heavy line.  She chose a plum colored mascara which I had never seen.   It was softer than black and helped bring out my blue eyes.  She added liner to the lower lash but no mascara.  A “highlighter” was gently patted on under the eye instead of concealer as the final touch for the eyes.  This created lightness under the eye and covered any shadow or mascara that might have fallen.  Blush and light lips completed the transformation.  My husband loved it!

All five other models were a delightful.  We had a great time admiring each other’s outfits and showing them off on the runway.   A special bonus:  Our fabulous clothes were all beautiful without damaging one’s credit card beyond redemption.  At the end of the show, I jokingly asked Robert if I could wear the elegant evening dress for the rest of the evening.  He made an exaggerated “O” with his mouth and said “NO”!   My carriage just turned back into a pumpkin.  But we have pictures!


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