From Picnic to Runway

Gingham checks make me think of green meadows, picnic baskets, little children playing in their gingham dresses.  In other words: fun, fresh, young, and outdoors.   We think of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

When I was in high school, it was determined that my eyes were light sensitive and I should wear sunglasses.  When my aunt and uncle treated me to gingham-checked glasses (something unheard of in my small town) I was delighted.  You can imagine how much fun it was to wear something so fashion-forward!

Be prepared to see gingham checks across the fashion spectrum.  Prada, always pushing the envelope, introduced checks into her collection.  Kate Spade has partnered with Keds to offer gingham-checked sneakers.  One can find dog beds, umbrellas and sunglasses.  The pattern is also making a comeback in décor—creating a country – preppy vibe.

I like the freshness of gingham but find many of the applications  inappropriate.  I can’t imagine going to an important business meeting in a gingham dress or suit.  Both are in the Prada collection.  Stella McCartney presented a multi-size gingham cocktail dress.  Her design is truly creative and the look will work for a summer cocktail outing.  It will never be really sophisticated, but I can see many occasions where this dress would be a showstopper.

Men are getting in on the trend as well.  Of course, Jay Austin’s bow tie collection includes gingham prints.  Gingham check shirts are also mainstream these days.  I especially like this red, white and blue.  It will never be really formal but is an excellent choice for a casual day at the office or classy casual weekend event.

Enjoy the freshness of the gingham look, keeping in mind that it is a bit reminiscent of Dorothy, young, vulnerable and unsophisticated.

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