Got Cankles?

Posted on August 13, 2009 by admin 

 The term “cankle” cannot be found in a medical dictionary and is simply a combination of calf and ankle.  It hit the pop-culture lexicon in about 2001 just as “muffin-top” became popularized with the advent of low-rise jeans to describe the roll of fat that often hangs over jeans.  Some ladies simply have inherited larger ankles; being predisposed to store extra fat in that area.  Then it might be due to overweight or retention of water for various medical reasons.  Whatever the cause, many women having this condition, are looking for solutions.   

The popularity of shoe styles coming high upon the foot with straps around the ankle have caused more women to become concerned about not having trim ankles.  These shoe styles have been popular for over a year and are featured for fall as well.   Dresses show off the shoes to a much greater advantage than pants, placing much more focus on the ankle than in years past.  

Women with “cankles” are resorting to all manner of solutions.  Gold’s gym declared July “Cankle Awareness” month and offers workouts to trim that area of the anatomy, while other gyms and trainers encourage extreme and intense exercises.  Plastic surgeons are performing $4000 – $ 6000 liposuction procedures and one company has developed a flip-flop to give special exercise to that area.   One of the more creative solutions it using Preparation H to shrink the tissue at the ankle just as one would use it for the treatment of hemorrhoids.  (The company stresses that Preparation H is only intended to be used for its original purpose.)  The average ankle measures 11 inches so ladies with ankles measuring larger than that will not find some of the popular styles particularly flattering.  Capri or cropped pants present the same problem.  Any style that focus attention on the ankle will be not be as flattering.

Each of us has some area of our body that we wish were different.  That is the advantage of working with an image consultant to help enhance those features that are outstanding and minimize those that you wish were different.  Some of these measures seem  a little extreme, not to mention expensive.  I would suggest shoes that don’t place emphasis on the ankle.  Trendy shoes with high vamps and/or straps around the ankle shorten the leg line, especially if you do not have the long, slender legs of a model.    Why not choose some of the fun platform styles that draw the eye down over the arch of the foot?  That gives a new, fashionable look without drawing attention to a larger ankle or shortening the leg.  Cropped pants are another style that is most attractive on the long, slender leg but shortens and widens if one has shorter legs or is heavier.

The trick is to choose those fashion options that work for you and let others wear the ones that don’t work for you.  After all, you can probably wear fashion trends that do not work on the person flaunting that little ankle and long leg.  You will look so much more fashionable by being selective in those trends that make you shine! 

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