Graduation Day

My grandson just graduated from high school and will be off to college in the fall.  This made me think of all of the university students who are entering the workplace and the importance of making the right impression on job interviews.

Every year we read articles of college graduates arriving for interviews wearing flip-flops, sloppy jeans and T-shirts or other such attire more reminiscent of a high school or college student than a job seeker.  It is no news that college graduates have a much harder time finding a job in this economy.   Of course, qualifications are a must but presenting yourself professionally, in keeping with the position is essential.  With only seven seconds to make that first impression, you want to make sure you don’t get eliminated before having the opportunity to present your qualifications.

Each segment of the work-world has its own unwritten code of what to wear so the candidate must know that code and look the part.   Legal, financial/banking and accounting tend to be the most conservative.   One really hot field right now is computer science.  This field is generally focused on competence and could care less about what you wear.  One young new hire told me that his interviewer was wearing cargo shorts and a T-shirt and told him not to show up in a suit – “suits scare us.”  My son is in this field and he gets a haircut every six months and doesn’t own a suit!  He obviously does not take after his mother.

If you have a graduate or job seeker in your life, your timing is perfect.  I am doing a workshop this Saturday for BookLogix from noon to 1:30pm at BookLogix in Alpharetta.  You can watch on-line from your home or office at no charge.  Go to and click on the “Workshop” tab to find the link to register.  The workshop is designed for writers who will be promoting their new books but many of the principles covered apply to jobseekers.   I hope you are able to take advantage of this opportunity.

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