Have You Seen the Fall Fashions Yet?

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Have You Seen the New Fall Fashions?     August 30, 2018

Hug Shoulder Pads
If you haven’t gotten a glimpse of what the fall/winter runway had to offer, you might want to buy a roll of Duck Tape before you look. The Duck Tape? It could keep your head from exploding!
We are all familiar with many of the extreme fashions that hit the runway.   The extreme designs are usually balanced with others that you can see yourself wearing and it all balances out in the end. This year seems to be an exception. Lets take a look.
Remember back when we all looked like linemen for the football team with our huge shoulder pads? They’re back! Maybe the public will reject them and we will look like women. One can always hope.
Plaids, Fringe, Animal Prints and More
As I read through the list of trends, I simply lost track. This picture is a sampling of what we can expect. Animal print: For the past several seasons, animal prints have been popular, especially as an accent. Buyers have said that accessory items in an animal print are always popular.
Animal prints are earthy and exotic so it takes a special kind of lady who can wear them effectively. However, they can make a great accent for many different styles. I have a friend who dresses as a classic, traditional. This is the perfect look for her but she bought ballet flats with a leopard print design and they were a perfect accent.
Plaids are making a huge splash this fall. Plaids have a country look. The model in this picture looks like she is on her way out to milk the cow. The larger the plaid, the more country it appears, while smaller plaids are more formal. If one has soft, rounded features, plaids are not for them. However, with a square jaw or angular facial structure, they could be attractive.
You will see fringe used in a variety of ways.
If you are planning a trip to the North Pole, the multiple layered look will be just what you need. Otherwise, I can’t quit see how this is design. The purpose for layering is to enhance a design by adding elements that give variety.   If you can’t see the different layers, one might ask “why?” Unless the goal is to look 50 pounds heavier or you’re  planning a vacation  in an igloo, I can’t see this as a viable fashion option.
The good news is that the store websites I have checked out are not showing the extreme designs. Happy shopping and choose wisely those designs that will show you off at your very best!
 Beryl Pleasants
Certified Image Consultant
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