Hurry! Final Markdowns!


If you are a bargain hunter like me, how can you not find those final markdowns of the summer irresistible?

Caution.  It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of getting something for 70% off and to not take time to choose wisely.  Unfortunately, these items are often ones that sit hidden and forgotten in your closet with new tags still attached.   Let’s look at some good ground rules before setting foot in a store to insure deep discounted purchases take their place among your favorites.

Rule 1:  Do a closet assessment first. What could you use to add variety to or complete items already in your closet?

Rule 2:  Know your colors.  If you look fabulous in pink, don’t get caught up in the great price of that Tangerine Tango top.   It the color doesn’t work, it isn’t a bargain.

Rule 3:  Think about accent pieces that you might not purchase at full price.  Scarves add great variety to a wardrobe but might not be on your “A” list to purchase.  What about that cool pair of shoes or a great purse?

Rule 4:  Fit.  Most people need some alterations done to get the perfect fit.  Be sure to check the back.  It is not unusual to have something look great from the front and find that there are pulls, wrinkles or other strange happenings going on in back.   Some garments just can’t be altered to make it fit.  It is important to know if an alteration can be done and how expensive it will be.  Then you can determine if this is a good purchase or not.  Some stores have in-house alterations experts and others might allow you to take it to your own tailor.  It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Rule 5:  So you found the perfect purchase but they don’t have your size.  It you are shopping at a chain store, ask if they can check another store to see if your size is available.   They will usually send it to you within a few days.

Make it a treasure hunt!  Look for those pieces that you would never buy at full price but will give years of enjoyment at your price point.


Do you ever try on everything in your closet before going out and still aren’t happy with what you have chosen?  If this ever happens to you, a closet edit might be the answer.   We would love to chat with you – no pressure or obligation – to see how  we might help make your closet your best friend. or 404-467-0288.


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